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Is Ann Arbor worth it to live as an international student

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Ann Arbor is an American city located in Michigan. The city is full of beautiful sceneries and its Huron River adds more beauty to its naturally lush topography. And thus, it has earned its nickname “tree city”. Ann Arbor is located close to a number of cities, including the American city of Detroit. In the year 1824, Ann Arbor was founded as a business hub. Trade and commerce helped Ann Arbor grow financially. The city became popular among student globally for its universities and research facilities, predominantly after the University of Michigan relocated its main campus to Ann Arbor in 1837 from Detroit.

Ann Arbour became one of the Midwest’s main centres for scientific and medical research because of its focus on research and education. It also became one of the most distinguished manufacturers of a wide-range of scientific and technological equipment, including computer equipment, metal bearings, precision machinery, and more.

Ann Arbour is also very passionate about sports. Being home to one of the biggest stadiums in the United States, The University of Michigan hosts some of the biggest game events including ice hockey, baseball, hockey and basketball.

Living in Ann Arbor 

living in ann arbor

Over 120,000 people call Ann Arbor, Michigan, home, including over 32,000 students who attend the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. The city is the #1 location to live in Michigan according to polls, and it also tops the quality-of-life index in the United States. 

Known for its distinct vibe, Kerry Town and South University are two of Ann Arbor’s great shopping districts. It is also replete with University of Michigan campuses and libraries.

Ann Arbor is also home to numerous sports facilities and lovely, walkable communities. The city is tiny and diverse, with most places taking 20 minutes or less to get to. Along with having many of parks, including the Arboretum and Gallup Park, Ann Arbor is also well-suited for bicyclists and pedestrians, featuring more than 475 miles of sidewalks and bike lanes.

Living expenses in Ann Arbor

living expense

Rent expenditure

A one-bedroom student housing Ann Arbor typically costs $1,263 per month to rent, while a studio might run you $1,150. It costs $29 on average per square metre. Shared rooms in dorms are the least expensive type of housing for students.

Costs of utilities

An average of $180 is thought to be spent each month on utilities in Ann Arbor. You need to make sure that your student accommodation rental includes bills for electricity, water, Wi-Fi etc.

Costs of groceries

The average monthly cost of groceries in Michigan is $285; Ann Arbor, on the other hand, is marginally more expensive than other Michigan cities.

Costs of transportation

Although there are special plans and discounts for students, Ann Arbor public transit, such as the Ann Arbor Authority buses, typically costs $1.5 each card swipe.

Student Housing 

There are several different kinds of student housing available in Ann Arbor for students to select from. Though you may find it difficult and time-consuming to choose an ideal student accommodation but you should remember that it is not insurmountable. However, with the substantial housing options, you are sure to be overwhelmed. However, Ann Arbor provides you with easily selectable selections that are near your university. These housing solutions are reasonably priced and offer additional comfort. In Ann Arbor, there are dorms close to prominent universities. There are some of the best housing options available and they are fully equipped homes equipped with a plethora of features and conveniences at best rents.

These housing alternatives range from completely furnished, opulent estates to reasonably priced apartments. The needs of college students are taken into consideration in the construction of every Ann Arbor student home. Private rooms, private halls, and houses are further divisions of these amenities.

The price of housing for students in Ann Arbor

In Ann Arbor, there are three types of private housing available: studio apartments, shared living that includes utility bills, and luxurious but reasonably priced en suite rooms. Ann Arbor, the cost of a student room is from $100 to $500 per week. In Ann Arbor, there are additional housing options accessible for students searching for short-term rentals.

How to locate housing for students close to Ann Arbor

Your one-stop shop for the greatest student housing in Ann Arbor is online property platforms. Find the best dorms for students close to the school you love. Ann Arbor student apartments, flats, studio apartments, and suites are among the alternatives. You can use these websites to compare a variety of solutions based on more than 80 parameters. You can select the student accommodation that best fits your needs, preferences and budget.

All utility bills are included in the majority of Ann Arbor’s student rentals. Rent becomes your only expense going forward, relieving you of that strain. After selecting the Ann Arbor lodging of your choice, you can even schedule a viewing by getting in touch with the Ann Arbor real estate agent. You should always view the accommodation in person before you book it or sign the contract.


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