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Is Aluminum In Deodorants/Antidepressants A Matter Of Concern?

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Spring has kicked in and everyone is ready to explore outdoors and have fun. Before you step outside, you need a body spray that will keep you smelling fresh and odor-free for longer. And when it comes to choosing the super best body spray for men or women, you will definitely want something that won’t impact your health negatively. Recently, there’s been a lot of discussion on aluminum found in conventional deodorants and antidepressants that’s believed to cause certain health issues. But is aluminum in these products a matter of concern or everything bad associated with it is just a myth? Let’s find out:

Role Of Aluminum In Deos/Antiperspirants

Most deodorants and antiperspirants have aluminum compounds that not only reduce body odor but also prevent perspiration by blocking the sweat ducts. That means these compounds will eventually allow your body to produce less sweat. This process is unhealthy for the body as sweat production is extremely crucial to regulate body temperature and get rid of bodily toxins.

Health Concerns About Aluminum In Deos/Antiperspirants

Following are some health concerns that are cited whenever it comes to the use of aluminum in deodorants, antiperspirants, and body perfume for men & women:

Kidney Disease

The role of the kidney is to eliminate body wastes including heavy metals like aluminum. When aluminum is present in excess, kidneys won’t work effectively in getting rid of it, eventually causing toxicity. Aluminum toxicity can in turn lead to several health issues such as anemia, muscle weakness, speech problems, Alzheimer’s, and inflammatory bowel diseases, to name a few. This is why the National Kidney Foundation recommends the use of the super smelly best body spray for men/women and other skin products without aluminum.

Alzheimer’s Disease

Another major health concern related to aluminum found in a typical body spray for men/women is Alzheimer’s. A study conducted in the late 1980s founded that Alzheimer’s patients had excessive aluminum in their brains. More researches were conducted later that also suggested a link between aluminum toxicity and the deadly disease.

Breast Cancer

Breast cancers are linked to the use of deos and antiperspirants that have an aluminum composition. The reason behind this is attributed to the fact that the breast section is in close proximity to the armpits where aluminum gets absorbed through application and then travels to the breast tissue. However, there is no scientific proof that using a body spray for men/women with aluminum can cause or deteriorate cancer. On the other hand, it’s still widely-known that aluminum salts may collect in the breast tissue after being absorbed by the skin.

Some studies even claim that excessive aluminum can change estrogen production and use by the body. This hormone imbalance can lead to life-long health problems.

Other Health Concerns:

  • Bone disorders
  • Memory problems
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Interstitial pneumonia
  • Crohn’s disease,
  • Seizures
  • Stunted growth in children
  • Inflammatory bowel diseases
  • Deformities and fractures

Should I Switch To Aluminum-Free Deos/Antiperspirants

Although there’s a lack of medical evidence for the afore-mentioned health issues, relying on a cleaner product is always a wise step toward healthy living. So, instead of using deos and antiperspirants with aluminum compounds, look for an aluminum-free body spray for men/women. Super smelly best body perfume for men & women without aluminum will allow for healthy sweating and avoid irritation caused by the toxic metal. Aluminum-free deodorants or antiperspirants will also help you beat the odor naturally. Not to mention, such a body spray for men or women will avoid potential risks of the health problems stated above.

Some Home-Made Aluminum-Free Options

You can always resort to store-bought aluminum-free body sprays. However, these products may have other toxins such as triclosan, parabens, synthetic fragrances, and propylene glycol. The best is to ditch the body odor with the help of super smelly best body spray for men/women that’s chemical-free. Use the following DIY recipes for the super smelly body perfume for men & women and enjoy odor-free and sweat-free underarms!

  • Create the best body perfume for men & women with 3 tbsp. of solvent, 15 ml jojoba oil, 10 drops each of grapefruit oil and vanilla essential oil, and 5 drops of geranium oil.
  • For all-natural deo, combine 3 tbsp. each of baking soda and coconut oil and 2 tbsp. each of shea butter and cornstarch. Put essential oils of choice to make the deodorant smell brilliant.
  • Another recipe for body perfume for men & women is combining 20 ml of coconut oil, 12 drops of tangerine oil, 12 drops oil cedarwood oil, 6 drops of rose oil, and 4 Tbsp. of solvent. Instead of cedarwood essential oil, sandalwood oil can also be used for this body perfume for men & women.
  • Follow the above recipe and use olive oil instead of coconut oil. Add clary sage oil as the middle note and bermagot oil as the top note to prepare all-natural body perfume for men & women.


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