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Is a water filter necessary in our home?

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Are you worried about water quality in your home? Have you been thinking about investing in a water filtration system? Read down below for more of the benefits of using a water filter in Singapore

What is a water filter system?

A water filter system can be attached to a faucet so that it filters the water coming out of it. It can also be attached to the point of entry of your water supply so that all faucets release purified water.

You can choose a filtration system based on your needs and preferences. Chances are you’ll find a filter with a 2-step filtration process. Its outer layer works to filter out debris and remove microorganisms and bacteria, while the inner layer targets chemicals, odours, and heavy metals. The second step is also where the water is filtered to taste better.

For a system with a 3-step filtration system, there’s an extra filter that removes microorganisms and bacteria to prevent contamination. 

If you’re a light user, you may consider a 2-step filtration system and if you’re concerned about little children or family members with sensitive stomachs, you might want to look into a 3-step filtration system.

Should you invest in a water filter for your Singapore home? 

Still not sure whether to install a water filter for your home? Consider these benefits.

  • Safer drinking water. If you’re drinking plain tap water, installing a water filter can help improve its quality. The water can become contaminated without you knowing. Having a water filter helps ensure that the water you’re consuming is safe, clean, and better-tasting.
  • Money-saving. A water filter is a cost-effective investment. You can use it for many years to come. It’s a lot more practical than having to purchase bottled waters for everyday consumption. Even if you’re buying bottled water in bulk, chances are you still end up spending more because of the time it takes to shop and the impulse purchases in between.
  • Environmentally-friendly. A water filter is more environmentally friendly too as you get to minimise the use of plastic bottles at home. The filters used in a water filtration system don’t come from non-renewable sources. You get your supply of clean water without the guilt.
  • Better-tasting water. There are times when you feel that plain tap water tastes different. That’s why you probably boil or cool it first to improve its taste. If you’re feeling this way, a water filter system may be ideal for you. Your water comes out from the tap fresh, clean, and crisp.
  • Easy to install. Water filter systems are designed to be simple and easy to install. They don’t require technical know-how and special equipment or tools. If you’re not confident about your handyman skills, you can always seek assistance from your supplier to help you install the system. 

Avoid needing to run to the grocery or convenience store each time you realise you’ve run out of drinking water. Consider investing in a water filter system in Singapore so you get access to clean, safe, and fresh-tasting water at any time. 


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