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iPhone Repair Specialist

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iPhone is one of the top brands of Apple Company, founded by Steve Jobs. And it is used worldwide from common man to celebrities, due to its vast degree of peculiarities such as high-level security, variety of features, ease to use, better software and hardware integration, etc. Although it is the best quality product, still it is also prone to general wear or tear, minor and major defects. And even with proper care, contingencies can’t be avoided. Therefore, we have to reach out to repair stores to minimize any risk or cure defects in the phone as they have a team of technicians who have expertise in troubleshooting the device.

iPhone Stores provide numerous services which are mentioned below:-

  1. Cracked Screen:-Most cell phone users suffer from this problem of a cracked screen because, in fast life, everyone is hustling to achieve their goals. And in such a hurry mobiles fall out of the hand and the screen gets cracked. We come across many people with cracked screensand they avoid getting it repaired for a long time but ultimately, phone performance decreases. As screen comes under direct contact with dust, oil, sweat, andsunlight which makes it vulnerable to bacteria and becomes the cause of diseases also.

In repair stores, technicians replace the LCD screen of the iPhone within 20 minutes as the cracked screen can’t be repaired.


  1. Camera notworking: –iPhone is famous for its high definition images and even it can be replaced with a DSLR due to its amazing picture quality. Still, the camera can get defective either due to falling from a height ordue to passage of time, itsfront or back camera pictures blur because of the problem in the lens. In such a case, it is advisable to get the lens replaced by an iPhone repair specialist. It generally takes 20 minutes also.


  1. Touch Issue:- In this, it starts to hang, and the touch sensor stops working or receives the wrong commands. Sometimes, grey line bars start to appear on the screen, this problem occurs mainly in iPhone 6 plus. The graphic chip on the motherboard faces some complications which result in this problem as the sensor fails to understand the touch of the user, the only solution for it can be thereplacement of the graphic chip by the repair shop.


  1. Audio IC Issue:- This is the common defect in the iPhone 7 in which the audio chip connected to the motherboard gets disconnected, it is famously known as loop disease. Under this problem, the audio gets lost either during calls or during face time. And it becomes a matter of tension for people in crucial situations. Moreover, it requires skill and a high degree of expertise; therefore it would be best to reach the nearest iPhone repair store. They will replace the audio IC chip with the new one and connect it with an additional wire for higher safety because it is prone to get loosen again, if not treated properly.


Furthermore, repair stores are not only shops for fixing defective equipment only, butit also assists in maintaining the health of defect-freedevices. By running diagnosis for the iPhone, specialists pinpoint the drawbacks, if any to fix them in advance.  It ensures that the life of the device expandsand they sometimes suggest replacement of some parts earlier for the betterment of the product. iPhones are costly mobiles, so it requires special care to keep them working and such specialized stores provide ample services at economical prices within minimum time and even get them delivered at doorsteps.


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