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Investigating the Features of Some Custom Plastic Name Badges

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Not all plastic name badges are created equal, and since they are products that your business may need to spend money on, it’s worth it to do the research up front and settle on the best value you can find in them.

If you can find a provider of customizable plastic name badges, all the better. Custom plastic name badges will boost engagement, promote the image of your brand, make your organization appear more sophisticated and organized, and streamline communication, among other benefits.

This article will cover some of the benefits and features that accompany the custom plastic name badges available at Imprint Plus, on their website, imprintplus.com. Invest in a fleet of plastic name badges from Imprint Plus and the value of that purchase will follow you and your employees far into the future; here’s why:

1.Available in a variety of shapes and sizes
Custom plastic name badges wouldn’t really be customizable if you couldn’t change the size or shape of the badge. The plastic badges available at Imprint Plus are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and you can work with a professional to help you design your own, recreate your logo, and more.

You can use the design software to create your own on their website and then have them print your badges, or you can choose to print them, whatever is easier for you.

2.Available in an equally wide range of colors
If you’re going to truly customize a set of badges, you need to have full reign over the color coordination of the design. That’s something that Imprint Plus also makes possible. You can design them in a range of metallic colors as well as in other full color options, depending on how and what you print onto the badge. Also, if you’re interested in metal badges instead, Imprint Plus provides a wide selection of custom name tags in metal, some of which can be engraved.

3.Made from high-quality materials; features superior ink adhesions
The plastic name tags available at Imprint Plus are made from a high quality, durable plastic that will last for years with proper care and attention. With a set of name tags that are customized to your logo and company image, you’ll want to treat it as an investment, and the name tags at Imprint Plus will last for years.

4.Add as much text as you like
Don’t get caught up in text limits. If you’ve ever had a problem with printers or custom name tag designers limiting your text or charging additional fees for extra text, Imprint Plus is the solution. There are no hidden fees for extra characters; add names, titles, achievements, whatever you want the world to know about your employees and their successes.

5.Comes with your choice of fastener
Pin fasteners may be the standard in the world of name tags, and Imprint Plus offers them, but they are not always the most serviceable solution. Sometimes a solution like a magnetic fastener is more appropriate to prevent damage to certain types of fabrics, and Imprint Plus enables you to customize your name badges with your choice of fastener as well.

6.Customizable with accessories
Finally, Imprint Plus offers a collection of accessories to complete the image of your employees. Add a lapel pin to the uniform to celebrate their tenure of service, choose a badge talker to facilitate communication, or even get a set of antimicrobial lanyards to complement the photo ID badges you provide your customers – if you do.

To learn more about the unique customization services available at imprintplus.com, visit their website or contact their customer service team at 800-563-2464.

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