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Introducing Your Rescued Boston Terrier to Your Family

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Boston terrier puppies for sale Dog rescues are established by people who love a specific breed of dog, like the Boston Terrier, and want to make sure each and every dog has an opportunity to live a long and happy life that is free of neglect and cruelty. Boston Terrier rescues are normally interested in rescuing only purebred Boston Terriers and defer other breeds of dogs to other shelters. By limiting themselves to saving just one type of dog, the rescue workers are able to recognize and care for the health and personality issues that are unique to the breed. Once a Boston Terrier rescue has ensured the dogs they rescue are mentally and physically healthy they then work to find a home where the dog will be able to live the rest of its life as a valued and respected member of a family.

There are a variety of reason dog lovers choose their new Boston Terrier from a Boston Terrier rescue. In some situations the rescue is conveniently located. Some people see a picture of a recued Boston Terrier the rescue has posted on the web or a grocery stores bulletin board and fall in love with the dog. Other dog lovers go to Boston Terrier rescues for their next dog is because while they like the qualities often found in Boston Terriers they are unable to afford the high cost of a purebred puppy. Many of the people who adopt a Boston Terrier from a rescue like the idea that they are providing the dog with a better life then the one it has always known.

The average Boston Terrier is a wonderful family dog

They seldom bark. They are good with children of all ages. And they love people. They are gentle and intelligent. Because they are a short haired breed of dog they require a minimal amount of grooming. They are easily trained. When you are adopting a Boston Terrier from a Boston Terrier rescue you have to remember that the dog you are about to adopt probably hasn’t come from a happy well adjusted back ground. Chances are that the dog you are about to bring home was either a victim of abuse or neglect. Some dogs that come from this type of back ground never seem to have a problem adapting to a new life, but others are physically or emotionally scarred from their experiences.

If the Boston Terrier you are thinking about adopting has physical injuries the people at the Boston Terrier rescue will be able to tell you what the dog will need to stay comfortable and healthy. If the dog suffers from anxiety or phobias make sure that your house will provide the dog with the type of environment it needs to feel safe and loved.

Many people make the mistake of thinking

That they are going to get a free dog from a rescue facility. In most situations they are mistaken. The whole purpose of a Boston Terrier rescue is to take dogs. Out of a less then desirable situation and place them with individuals and families who will love them. Most of the rescues arrange to have the dog neutered or spayed. And that they are up to date on their shots. Once the dog’s physical health has been addressed the rescue. then takes the steps needed to learn what the dog’s personality is like. And if there are any environments that it can’t cope with (such as small children, cats, or other dogs).

The Boston Terrier rescue normally has anyone who wants to adopt a dog. Fill out an extensive application that will help them match the right dogs with the right people. All of this takes time, effort and money. One of the ways that the Boston Terrier rescue can recoup its losses is to charge a nominal adoption fee. The other reason dog rescues charge an adoption fee is that they have learned. That when a person pays for something, they tend to value it more.

Boston Terrier pups are very sensitive in nature

And should be treated as such. They react to emotional tones and a home’s atmosphere. Training should be done in a consistent, patient manner and never in a heavy-handed way. Boston Terriers were originally bred in Boston. Massachusetts and because of their steady and calm manner are known as the American Gentlemen of dog breeds. They can be quite dapper when it is necessary. They have been bred down from the Bull and Terrier breeds and have been bred as a non-sporting breed.

Boston Terriers make great family pets. They are loyal and will stick right with you. They are great companions for the elderly. When raising a Boston Terriers pup you should use consistency, praise, fairness, patience and firmness. You will find that your Boston Terrier pup will respond to a soft voice of praise and firmness versus a shouting lunatic.

Raising a Boston Terrier pup

Can be an easy experience if you have researched the breed and understand them. Boston Terriers only need to be bathed when absolutely necessary and then you must only use a mild soap. A soft brush is needed for brushing and frequent cleaning and checking of the ears and eyes is very important. Boston Terriers are prone to eye tumors and with frequent cleanings and checks, the odds of a deadly eye tumor are minimal. The owner of a Boston Terrier must carry an extra cloth or have one close at hand because this dog tends to drool. His face can be easily kept clean with a swipe now and then.

Boston terriers puppies for sale These dogs love daily walks and part of raising a Boston Terrier is taking care of their exercise habits. They will easily become couch potatoes if they do not have an exercise routine.

Crate training is the best way

To potty train your Boston Terriers pup. But you must remember consistency and patience in the crate training. The Boston Terriers is highly intelligent and alert and will respond to your commands in a positive manner if you are consistent and firm with him. He thrives on human contact and will become an integral part of the household.

Raising a Boston Terriers pup is almost like raising a member of the family. And your dog will soon feel as such. They need human stimulation and lots of praise. They are great pets to have in a home and very easy to raise. When choosing a breeder make sure to research his background. Also be sure that you understand the Boston Terrier breed before purchasing a puppy. Make sure that he knows his puppies well and understands the Boston Terrier breed thoroughly. A good breeder will also quiz you on your knowledge of Boston Terriers.


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