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Intellectual Property Value in Business

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Fundamentally, intellectual property rights are widespread for those who create legal IP protection. However, these rights, especially economically, have made a significant contribution to the globe. 

Many firms of a range of industry industries rely on patent, trademark, and copyright enforcement, and consumer quality assurances may also be obtained when buying items supported by IP. 

Let us now learn more about the benefits of IP and how we should appreciate protection provided by various kinds of intellectual property rights. 

Importance of Intellectual Property Right 

The aim of trademark registration Dubai is to stimulate new discoveries that can boost economic growth, such as technology, artwork and inventions. Intellectual property rights boost people’s incentives to continue to create jobs and new technology, while helping our world to progress and develop even more quickly. 

Create and support high paid jobs 

More than 45 million Americans and hundreds of millions others are employed by IP-intensive sectors throughout the world. The average IP worker also makes approx. 46 percent more in a non-IP business than his or her equivalent. 

Economic Growth and Opportunities 

The US IP is valued about US$6.6 trillion, more than any country in the world’s nominal GDP. Over 1/3– or 38.2%– of the US total GDP is represented by IP-intensive sectors. 52% of all exports of US goods relate to IP, and this is over US$842 billion. This figure is very high. 

What are Intellectual Property Rights? 

IPR is a right which protects authors against original works, innovations or product appearances, artistic

artworks, scientific advancements etc. 

There are four categories of IP: patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets. 

Types of Intellectual Property 


A patent should be applied to prevent the creation, sale or use without authorization of an invention by another party. Patents are the most frequent kind of intellectual property rights in the thoughts of people when they think of protecting the rights to intellectual property. A patent proprietor has every right to market his/her patent, including pursuant to mutually agreed conditions, to purchase and sell the patent or to provide a licence to the invention to a third Party. 


Markings are another known kind of protection for intellectual property rights. A trademark is a unique symbol that can readily identify the goods or services offered by a firm. Amongst others are the Golden Ark of McDonald, the Facebook logo, etc. A trademark may come as a word, sentence, symbol, sound, scent and/or colour. Contrary to patents, a trademark may protect a product or service set or class rather than merely a product or technique. 

Trade Secret 

Commercial secrets are a company’s secrets. They are proprietary, secret and not for the illegal commercial use of information by others. They are forms, policies, or other information. This is a key protective form which may allow companies to acquire a competitive edge. 


Company formation UAE lures many businesses. Although protection of intellectual property may appear to give minimal protection, they may enhance the benefits and value of innovation if used correctly, and allow for the development, protection and monetization of evolving technologies in the world.


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