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Installing Magisk without TWRP

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Customization and rooting of Android phones. It is possible to do this by rooting your Android phone. For the rooting process of an Android phone installing the Magisk app is required. Here we give you instructions on how to install Magisk without TWRP or with a custom recovery. If you do not install/don’t want TWRP Recovery you have come to the right place. 

After inventing TWRP method customization lots of new features were added. If you change ROMs or install zip files all the time, follow the provided guidelines. Magisk is the only effective tool for rooting on your Android device. Here we give you special methods to follow for Android users without using the TWRP and OrangeFox. It reduces the number of steps that you have to follow.

Installing Magisk without TWRP.

Magisk is a very strong tool/app made for Android devices. It makes the rooting very simple. Magisk was invented by John Wu and thanks to him now this has become the most effective technological tool. As the day’s high-security options we don`t use one-click rooting methods. You have the chance to unlock the bootloader by Magisk.

Now you can see how to use Magisk to patch files from firmware or flash tools that you install through fastboot commands. There we show several sections under the topic which makes the process easy. This will make you easy with Customization.


  • Activate your Android phone bootloader.
  • Backup your phone.
  • Please keep your phone charge up to 60%.
  • Download Magisk.
  • Install ADB & Fastboot drivers on your computer.
  • Download Odin Flash Tool if it is a Samsung device.
  • Now you are free to download firmware in your Android phone.

Note: You are installing Magisk with a high risk. That means It has the possibility of bricking your phone. If the device breaks, there is the possibility of doing flash firmware by yourself. Or else visit the nearest service center.

Making Boot Image or AP files with Magisk

In this part, you can learn how to patch a file using Magisk. This patched file supports you to install the Magisk on the device. The files which need to be patched depend on your device. Here are the steps you should follow to patch the file.

  1. First of all, install the Magisk app on your Android phone.
  2. Get the firmware and copy on your computer.
  3. Now take the boot.img from the firmware. With the Samsung firmware extract the AP.tar file.
  4. Now copy the extracted boot image or AP tar file to the internal storage.
  5. Open the Magisk app on your Android phone.
  6. Click Install option on right next to the Magisk.
  7. Then the Method tab will be appeared. Expand the Method tab to see the available options.
  8. Click on the option `Select and Patch a File. Now click lets go.
  9. Now this takes you to file explorer and select the previously copied boot image or AP.tar file..
  10. Now it will start patching the file. After receiving the message and the output will be saved to the download folder as magisk_patched or any similar name. 

That Magisk is the latest way to patch a file that helps to root your Android phone. Now you have completed the process and are good to install the rooting of the device, even without a custom recovery. The next step is the installation and upgrading root privilege of the android device.  This is the first step for all Android users, except Samsung phone users.

Installing Magisk without TWRP

  1. Install the platform tools on your computer and draw out it.
  2. Copy the Magisk image to your computer from the extracted platform tools folder. Rename the image as boot.img.
  3. Go to the developer options on your phone and enable OEM Unlocking and USB Debugging.
  4. Turn off the phone and do the fastboot on your phone. Boot loading and download mode are also possible.
  5. Connect the phone to the computer by the USB cable.
  6. In the platform tool folder press shift and right click and open Command window. Or if you need enter CMD in the file path.
  7. Then enter this command fastboot devicesto check the connection. It runs some ID.
  8. Enter the command fastboot flash boot boot.img to install Magisk on your phone.
  9. Now the Magisk app is installed and if it asks more process, again reboot the phone according to the instruction.
  10. This is the process to install Magisk without TWRP recovery. You have the opportunity to check the root access using any root checker application.
  11. In case you are a Samsung user follow the below instructions.

Installing Magisk on Samsung devices without TWRP.

Installing Magisk on Samsung devices without TWRP.

  1. Bring out the Odin flash tool on your computer and run it.
  2. Copy the patched tar file to the computer.
  3. Keep the OEM unlocking feature activated in the developer option of the Samsung device.
  4. Turn off the phone and boot your Samsung device to the download mode.
  5. Connect the phone to the computer using a USB cable.
  6. Switch off Auto Reboot on the options tab of the Odin tool.
  7. Click the AP and load the extracted tar file.
  8. Load BL file, CP, HOME_CSC files. Find these options in the extracted firmware.
  9. After loading the files click on Start to install Magisk without TWRP.
  10. It gives the pass massage at the end of installing the firmware.
  11. Now restart your device and run the Magisk app.

Now you have successfully installed the app on your Samsung device. You can straightly update the Magisk app by itself. You can see that there are options like Magisk Modules, root features, and more. There is all the guidance provided about the installation of Magisk. Now it will be easy for Android and Samsung users. If you come up with any technical issues let us know about it. Be kind to comment your all the issues in the below comment section.


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