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How to install a WPS network on the printer?

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First, open the box and remove all accessories. Next, place the Canon MG3600 printer on a table. Plug the printer into an electrical power socket and then you can start the Canon mg3600 setup.

Start by connecting the wires. Refer to the printer manual. You can connect all your devices using an automatic connection button (WPS). This allows the printer and computer to communicate with each other over your network without having to set up a password.

This allows you to connect your devices quickly and easily. You can get assistance from the Canon Support team. They are highly qualified and have extra-talent tech-geeks.

Options to canon mg3600 how to connect to wifi?

Step 1: WPS connection of Method

Select the “WPS Connection Method” button on your access point. This is the easiest method to set up a Wi-Fi connection with Canon M3600. Take a look at the following lines and follow them as directed.

  1. First, ensure that your printer is turned on and that the WPS button is available on your wireless router.
  2. Hold the Wi-Fi button until the ON lamp blinks.
  3. Next, press the “Black” button. Then press the “WiFi” button.
  4. Make sure that the Wi-Fi lamp flashes rapidly and the ON lamp are lit. Next, head to your access point and then press the WPS button in a few minutes.
  5. After this, the blue Wi-Fi lamp will continue to flash while the printer searches and both the Power and WiFi lamps will flash when the printer connects to your wireless network. After the printer successfully connects to your wireless network, both the Power and WiFi lamps will cease flashing and stay lit.
  6. Finally, ensure that both the Wi-Fi and ON lamps are lit.


After completing the above steps, your network connection setup has been every bit. If your device is still not agglutinate, you can continue to the next step to complete the Canon mg3600 setup.

Step 2: Standard Connection Method

If your access point does not support WPS, follow these instructions to install your printer on your wireless network.

  1. When the initial screen displays, click on “Start Setup”.
  2. The software will now check for any driver updates. If it is necessary to update, the software will automatically start downloading. Give it a while.
  3. Now select your country or region.
  4. If you agree to the terms and conditions, so click on a check box.
  5. Click “Agree” if you wish to participate in the Extended Survey Program. Otherwise, click “Do Not agree”.
  6. To allow the “Install Wizard Process to complete”, click “Next”.
  7. Next, select “Wireless LAN Connection” then tap “Next”.
  8. Click “Next” after selecting “Connect via a wireless router”.
  9. Turn on your printer and hit “Next”.
  10. Next, make sure that “Setting printer couldn’t be found on the List.
  11. Once the setup guide is open, you will need to carefully follow the instructions on the screen.
  12. Let the setup find the printer for a moment.
  13. After the setup is complete, click “Next”.
  14. Click “Exit”

Canon Support Help is Available To Complete Canon MG3600 Setup

Don’t feel blue! If you encounter any difficulties while following the above steps, we have experienced tech-savvy workers who are available 24 hours a day at Canon Support Number. You can connect with them by calling this number once and receiving a quick solution.


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