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Why Install A Rooftop Solar Plant?

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Generally speaking, a home solar panel set up on average can generate 280-290 watts of electricity from an hour of direct sunlight. The number can be as high as 2320 watts if sunlight is received for nearly 8 hours straight. India receives an ample amount of sunlight, and the country is fast emerging as a global leader in the production of this renewable energy.

Moreover, the government is also introducing ambitious measures to harness the sun’s energy and encouraging homeowners to go for solar installations. Notably, India is planning to generate 175 GW of renewable energy by the year 2022. Read more about India on solar energy, and how Indians can benefit from solar rooftop plants.

If you look at the global scenario, the future of solar energy consumption is very bright in India. Many state governments are announcing attractive subsidies to encourage homeowners to get familiar and benefit from solar energy.

Why Install Solar Rooftop Plants?

Cost Advantages

One of the solid benefits of the rooftop solar plants is that they fetch more value than your investment over time. And at a point, you not just recover all the money you spent in the setup but start saving on energy bills. The savings are huge and most importantly, you reduce your reliance on grids.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Using electricity generated using fossil fields and water does not support your carbon footprint goals. Moreover, they pollute the environment and also cause long-term health issues. By opting for clean, natural solar energy, you start contributing towards reducing your carbon footprint. Solar energy generation is natural, and it does not pollute or harm the environment.

Maintenance Cost Is Low

Installing a rooftop solar plant requires some initial investment, but once the setup is completed, you need not worry about investing in regular maintenance. Most solar rooftops last long, and would require minimal maintenance, they however would need cleaning once they become a bit grubby.

Saves Space

One of the major benefits of installing solar rooftop panels is that they won’t need large tracts of land. Moreover, a home that has solar panels installed fetches better market value than the one that lacks them. Given all the benefits, it makes sense to install solar panels. To learn more about solar installation in India, a variety of specifically designed solar panels ready to be used for wide-ranging applications, please feel free to follow this site.


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