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Instagram Stories: How to Save to Your Computer?

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Every social networking or messaging app under Facebook’s umbrella now appears to include a Snapchat-style story function. In August 2016, Instagram debuted Insta-stories, which has since become one of the most popular features on the platform.

What if you want your post to be visible for more than 24 hours? What if it’s a hilarious video or meme that you feel compelled to save and share later? There are a variety of reasons to want to download Instagram. 

1. Use InstaStories to download Instagram stories.

To view Insta stories, Instastory.net is the best choice to go for. This Instagram story downloader is generally easy to use and doesn’t require an Instagram sign-in. 

This Instagram story downloader works well with public accounts, but it cannot download Instagram stories from a private account. Follow these steps to download Instagram stories using this Instagram downloader.

  1. Log in to the Instagram app and copy the URL of the Instagram story.
  2. Visit Instastory.net to download Insta stories.
  3. Paste the URL in the search bar of Instagram story downloader.
  4. Hit the Download button and your Instagram story will begin downloading.

Finally, your Instagram story has been downloaded to your phone’s gallery.

2. Make use of a 4k Stogram.

4K Stogram is one of the most well-equipped Instagram story downloaders that can help you to download Instagram stories in a flash. Not only this but you can easily download Instagram photos and videos too. It’s worth noting, though, that to download Stories, you’ll need to upgrade to 4K Stogram’s premium edition.

To use 4K Stogram to download stories, you must first log in to your Instagram account via the Instagram Downloader. Sign in by clicking the profile symbol in the top-right corner of the app.

After that, go to “Tools -> Preferences” and customize everything to your liking, including your download folder.

Then, in 4K Stogram’s main box, type the name of the account from which you wish to download Stories, then click the Settings button next to “Download” and select “Download Stories.” You may also select a specific period range for which you want to download content.

To begin the download, click the orange “Download” button.

3. Save the entire web page to your computer

Follow these steps to download Instagram stories.

  • Go to Instagram and find the story you want to capture.
  • Right-click on either side of the rectangle containing the story (not on the video or picture but any space around it). You’ll get a context menu as a result of this.
  • Choose “Save As” or “Save Page As” from the menu (if you’re using Firefox).
  • The “Save as” page will appear. You may choose where you wish to save the web page from here. You may call it whatever you wish, although I recommend keeping the “HTML” extension.
  • At the bottom of the page, be sure you choose “Web Page, Complete” as the save as type.
  • Launch the file explorer (or any application you use as a file browser). Go to the location where you saved the Instagram Stories web page and open it. When you save a full web page, it creates a resource folder in which it keeps assets such as images and scripts.

The folder should be named after the web page and have the suffix “_files” appended to it. For example, if your saved web page is called “Stories • Instagram,” the resource folder is called “Stories • Instagram files.” Go to the resource folder and open it.

  • A list of files responsible for making the web page show correctly may be found in the resource folder. 
  • Once you’ve located the image, remove the web page as well as anything else in the resource folder.

The most significant downside of this approach to download Instagram stories is that it is both wasteful and time-consuming. The advantage is that you only need a basic web browser and no plugins.

4. Downloading using Chrono Download Manager

The chrono manager is a multi-purpose Chromium-based web browser plugin meant to download Instagram stories. It replaces the default download manager with one that may be fully customized. It includes a sniffer that can locate and download images, videos, links, and documents from a web page.

Chrono’s sniffer makes it much easier to download Instagram stories. You may also get story videos in a variety of formats and sizes. You can download a user’s tales in bulk using Chrono, so you don’t have to do it one at a time.

  • Open the Instagram stories you wish to download in your browser. Allow the stories to run until they’re nearly finished, but make sure to click the Instagram stories “Close” button before the final one finishes, otherwise Chrono sniffer will lose the list of stories.
  • On your browser, click the Instagram stories downloader i.e., Chrono extension icon. Simply click the sniffer symbol in the top-right corner of the list if it shows the download list.
  • The Chrono sniffer has four primary sections: video, picture, document, and other, which are divided by tabs. We’re concentrating on the first two sections since Instagram stories are more likely to be the first two. The Chrono sniffer may have returned with a large list of links under the video area. Simply look at the “Remarks” section of the list to see which ones are the stories. 
  • My only criticism of the Chrono sniffer is that it lacks thumbnails for videos, making it difficult to identify which is which based on the links.

You’ll have to rely on your intuition, trial, and error, or simply download Instagram stories and remove the ones you don’t want. Some of these videos may appear to be the same, however, they may differ in quality, variations, and/or size. 

Because Instagram adjusts the quality to the user’s Internet speed, this is the case. You may both choose and tick each link from the list that you wish to download, or you can select all.

  • It’s simple to identify the photos you want to download from those you don’t. Just make sure “Preview” is selected. 

Bottom Line

There are a variety of methods to download Instagram stories. However, using Instastory.net is the best one. We also personally use this Instagram downloader to download stories. You can also try it out and let us know in the comments section below.


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