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Instagram DM and how it can help your business

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Getting real Instagram followers for a business is not an easy task. If you want a loyal Instagram follower base that can give you more Instagram likes in your news and increase engagement, you need to use the various features of the platform in the best way. Instagram DM is one such feature that you should use. While direct messages (DM) may seem simple and straightforward, they allow you to reach a much larger audience and engage with them in a more targeted way.

If you use Instagram as part of your social media marketing strategy and want to experience business growth, using Instagram Direct news is a great step. This is your guide to using Instagram DM to grow your business.

What can be sent / received via Instagram DM?

Using Instagram DM, you can send as well as receive:

Messages – individually or up to 15 people in one thread



Voice messages

Video calls

Create or participate in a group chat

How can you use Instagram DM in your business?

To reward the best Instagram followers

If you have managed to attract some real Instagram followers, you will understand how valuable they are to your business. They help increase the level of engagement of your brand account by constantly engaging with your content. So feel easy to Purchase Real Instagram Followers Uk. They also promote more Instagram likes for your posts; regularly share your posts, and offer support / feedback in the form of comments on your posts. They are more likely to help spread the word about your business by defending your brand. Instagram DM can be a great way to contact them and let them know how much you value their support. With Instagram DM, you can send photos, coupons, promotional codes, or even request their mailing address to which you can send their coupons.

While you’re at it, make sure you remember to send the links individually so that users can easily access the link, as you won’t be able to post any clickable links in your Instagram DM.

To communicate with industry influencers

Influencer marketing is a great way you can promote your brand. An influencer who advertises, offers, or reviews your branded products can help increase your sales and brand awareness. However, influencers can be difficult to communicate through Instagram DM, as many people are likely to communicate with them via DM. You have to differentiate yourself from others by offering them some value. Try to connect, giving them a reason to want to work with you. Get to know their accounts, as well as the types of content they typically post – both on Instagram and on their other social media platforms. Once you understand their interests, values, and writing style, you can create something that resonates with them.

Provide exclusive updates

Behind the scenes materials can help personalize the experience of your Instagram followers and make them communicate with your brand on a much more personal level because they feel special. Instagram DM can help you do the same. If you plan to launch a new product / service, you can use Instagram DM to notify your selected group of Instagram followers. They can get exclusive insight into the store and even benefit from early offers. However, if you do, you’ll want to give them clarity about what can be shared, especially with promotional codes or passwords. By using Instagram DM to provide exclusive updates, your Instagram followers can show appreciation, encouraging them to continue to support your brand.

To lead the competition

There are many creative ways to use Instagram DM to run contests and encourage engagement:

Insert a photo describing the contest and mention the code. Give a coupon / discount / prize to the 15 people who made you DM for the first time by mentioning the code.

Send the coupon code / drawing entry information via DM to the 15 people who comment on your photo for the first time.

Ask members to send you a DM stating the reasons why they should win, as well as a picture or video you can post later.

Auto responders are a bad idea

While Instagram lets you set up auto responders so you can thank and greet new Instagram followers, using them is a bad idea because they lack a personal touch to the real message.

Make a personal connection

While this may seem obvious, it’s important to remember that just communicating with someone via Instagram DM doesn’t mean it’s personal. Get to know your recipient before they DM. It can help you communicate with them in a way that will keep their attention and create a fruitful connection.

Show a small consideration

Use it only when absolutely necessary. You don’t want to end up just cluttering the recipient’s inbox with your DM.



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