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Instagram as a platform for social selling

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Get followers and customers with your brand’s Instagram

Instagram is an excellent channel for social selling… if it is used to its maximum capacity. In our article Use your Instagram to sell more, we indicated that the secret to increasing sales is not to sell. That is, in using the platform to add value to your followers and demonstrate, without being obvious, how your product or service solves a problem.

Let’s go back for a moment to the foundations of this whole theory. When a brand opens a profile on Instagram or any social network, the first impulse is to upload any number of photos or videos of the product or service they have created so that their followers see how wonderful it is. In the descriptions, they just write things like:

The truth, who lives on social networks, and digital in general, the last thing he wants is to be exposed to advertising. Or at least, you are not going to follow a brand’s account so that they only sell you products.

Add value to your Instagram posts

The social media user wants to find value in the posts of the accounts they follow, whether they are personal or business accounts. Here we have to be honest: the concept of giving value is too worn out. Currently, and with more than 25 million active business profiles on Instagram, it seems that anything is understood by value and that is not the case (and the followers know it).

You can add value to your followers in three main areas: entertain, educate or inform. These three categories serve as a way to give something more to that person who considers that your brand is interesting and that it deserves to be followed.

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What is social selling?

According to the website Society Business Online, social selling is a “set of techniques that consist of the use of social networks to search, connect, interact and create relationships with potential customers and help them during the purchase journey.” In addition, it clarifies that “social selling is not a direct sale of products or services through social networks. Its translation is ‘social sale’ and it is the evolution of the traditional sale”.

Let’s go back to the earrings example. The publication could show some large silver earrings in combination with a work outfit. In the description, you can buy Instagram followers and teach them how to wear those earrings in conjunction with the clothes you wear to work. Is the brand selling the earrings? Yes, but from a perspective focused on the customer and not on the brand. The brand knows that its followers want to learn how to use these accessories because perhaps they like them a lot, but they have never known how to properly combine them with their clothes.

Once you’ve educated them, you’re one step closer to achieving your desired sale. Hub spot sells one of the most powerful tools for digital marketing, but its networks are completely focused on value to followers Having already clear that social networks should not be used to sell in an interruptive way, but to add value and from a perspective focused on the follower, let’s talk about the tools that Instagram offers as a social selling platform.

Direct messages and Instagram Stories, the sales revolution

The possibility of being able to send direct messages opened the door to a closer conversation between follower and brand. In this way, if a follower sees something on that account that catches their attention and wants to know more about the product, a simple direct message is enough to get personalized attention.

In addition, for brands, it has meant a way to obtain a good database and to be able to identify who are those VIP followers who ask and comment on their publications. To those followers who want to know more about a product or services and who have become brand ambassadors, you can offer an invitation to a special event, a promotion for a special date (such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or Christmas) or a discount coupon to redeem at any time.

This type of tool encourages followers to become buyers and transmit in their networks the good attention and detail that the brand has with them. This is how you get the best influencers. The stories of Instagram have also become an excellent way to get sales Instagram. This is how Instagram Stories look in your followers’ feed

First, they represent a new format and are very well consumed by followers, which allows innovation in the way of presenting the content generated by your brand. According to Instagram, the stories are viewed by 200 million active users every day. Second, the possibility of being shared expands the possibility that the reach is much greater than in the publications.

As if that weren’t enough, stories have direct access to direct messages, making it much easier for followers to ask for more information about a product or service. Click here to get more information and hoe to get Instagram followers Socially go.

Now, if what you want is to sell more directly, the platform offers you Instagram Ads, which are a great resource to increase sales. Ads are those advertisements that we see in the feed or stories, under the label of “advertising.”

The best thing about these ads is that you can take the client directly to your Instagram profile, an online sales platform, or your website, according to what you require.


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