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Embrace Your Grocery Delivery Business By Developing The Instacart Clone

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Hey! Buckle up to gain insights into the grocery delivery business. Yes, this blog will outpour the intricacies of grocery delivery service and how you can start your online grocery store.

Alright! The pandemic influx created a wave of uncertainties for everyone, including individuals and businesses. But there is a silver lining even in this case. I will not deny that the pandemic devastated businesses, but it paved the way for new business opportunities. One such business opportunity that took shape is the Instacart Clone grocery delivery business.

Scope Of Grocery Delivery Business 

  • In the U.S. number of grocery stores that offer delivery services accounts for more than 52%.
  • People prefer platform-to-consumer more than restaurant-to-consumer as they in the former they can order from different stores.
  • The revenue from grocery delivery will spike up to 20 billion by 2023.

Entities Constituting The Grocery Delivery Business

  • Users
  • Retail partners
  • Delivery partners
  • Admin

Retail partners- Retail partners are grocery stores from which you will supply grocery items to your customers.

Delivery partners – Delivery partners will collect the orders from grocery stores and deliver them to customers.

Value Propositions To You Can Provide To Your Users

  • Partnering with a diverse range of grocery stores
  • Same day delivery
  • Affordable delivery charges
  • Frequent discounts

These are some general insights that you must know before entering the grocery business. Now, let us step into the main content on online grocery delivery app development. For app development, you might consider the traditional method, where you will approach an app developer, pour in your requirements, and develop the app from the base.

Here comes an alternative method for developing an app that lessens time and effort. Excited to know about that? The clone app development where app developers will have a pre-built app script that can be launched immediately.

But, there comes a brownie point. In clone app development, you have the customization option that lets you remold the app according to your demand. Got it? So, which method of app development will you choose? The clone app development, right?

Here, we will see the Instacart clone app development and what the main features of the app are.

What Is an Instacart Clone?

Instacart Clone is an online grocery app for your business, through which you can connect grocery stores and buyers by listing the groceries on the app. Users will select the stores according to their preferences and order groceries. The concerned store will deliver the items via delivery persons. Simple and beneficial app for users as they can make their grocery shopping less fussy.

Main Features Of The Online Grocery App


Entities like users, grocery store owners, and delivery persons must complete the onboarding or registration process to enter the app.

Locate stores

Based on the location details given by users while registering, the app will display a set of grocery retail stores that are located in their surroundings.

Schedule the delivery

Users can order groceries but can avail of the delivery service at a later time. On the mentioned date, users will receive their groceries. This well-planned feature will have the attention of users.


Users can update themselves with the status of their orders by tracking their location. Right from the grocery store to their place, users can track.


Like any shopping app, the Instacart clone has an in-app payment facility. You can include different payment options other than cards and cash on delivery.

Purchase history

The purchase history includes details like the name of grocery items, quantity, stores from which it has been purchased, total bill amount, mode of payment, etc.,


Through the app’s reordering feature, users can repeat their orders directly from the history section.

Order takeout

For the convenience of users, the order takeout feature has been designed. Users can opt for takeout if they wish to collect their groceries from stores instead of availing of Instacart Clone delivery service.

Push notifications

Send out order-related information via push notifications. Other than orders, you can also send promotional messages like deals, offers, new stores, etc.,

Order Journey Of The Grocery App

Step 1: Registration will be the first step in which users/buyers, store owners, and delivery partners will enter their details.

Step 2: Now, users will choose the nearest grocery store and select the items.

Step 3: After selecting the items, they will add them to the cart and pay using the accepted payment options.

Step 4: The selected store will get notifications regarding the orders. The store will assemble the groceries, pack them, and intimate the same on the app.

Step 5: The delivery person located close by the grocery shop will get the request for delivery.

Step 6: Then, the delivery person will pick the order and deliver it to users.

Insights On The Revenue Sources Of Grocery Delivery Business

Delivery charges – It is up to you to decide the delivery charges. You can offer free delivery for new users, charge a minimum delivery fee for every user, or location-based delivery charges are some of the ideas for framing the delivery charges.

Service fees – You can impose service charges for every order placed. Instacart charges a 5% service charge for orders.

Membership fees – Users can pay membership fees to avail of same-day delivery or speedy delivery. Similar to Amazon prime, you can charge membership fees for express delivery.

Major Determiners In Predicting The Cost Of Development

  • Choice of the platform
  • Set of features
  • Location of the app developer


Building a grocery business is not an arduous task, as you can stick with the Instacart clone solution. Using this app, you can manage your business, streamline every process, and get increased exposure.


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