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Insights on How to Exchange Bitcoin on Website

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The majority of crypto traders transact online even though some platforms have physical exchanges. Fortunately, there are many reliable exchange websites you can give a try no matter where you are. Bitcoin is common crypto that many people buy and sell today. So, it is prudent to know how to exchange Bitcoin on a website.

The process is pretty simple and almost the same on all platforms. For the sake of those who are relatively new to trading Bitcoin, here is how to exchange Bitcoin on a website.

Choosing the Right Bitcoin Exchange

Now that you are interested in exchanging BTC, the first crucial step is to look for a Bitcoin website. Most if not all reliable exchange brokers and peer-to-peer platforms buy and sell Bitcoins at affordable rates. Here are some of the most popular options you might want to consider:

·  Nakitcoins – This is a trusted and secure exchange broker in Turkey that allows crypto enthusiasts to trade both online or at their physical outlets. NakitCoins exchange is the ideal option for anyone who does not want to go through rigorous registration and verification process to trade.

·  Coinbase – Do you want to enjoy a Bitcoin exchange with a wallet? Coinbase has got you covered. Apart from exchanging Bitcoins with numerous fiat money and cryptocurrencies, the platform also hosts BTC wallets at affordable fees.

·  LocalBitcoins – If you are looking forward to using blockchain to buy and sell Bitcoin, use LocalBitcoins to connect to buyers and sellers. You do not need a lot of registration and verification to use the platform.

How to Exchange Bitcoin on a Website

After getting the right exchange website to use, the next process is to register and get an account with the platform. The process may vary, so take time to learn how to exchange Bitcoin on the website by following the guidelines they have set. Here is what is needed from you:

·  Register for an account – Although it is not a must to have an account to trade BTC on all exchange websites, many will need you to have an account. You could also hold your Bitcoin wallet with a platform that has these services for easier trading.

·  Verify your details – As per the KYC requirements, you might be required to verify your details with the Bitcoin trading website. However, this protocol is not always mandatory, so check with the platform.

·  Top up your account – With a verified account, the next thing is to top it up with fiat currency or Bitcoin depending on the type of trade you want to perform. You can learn more about this on the Bitcoin homepage of the website for a clear process.

·  Trade your Bitcoins – You are one step from knowing the entire process of how to exchange Bitcoin on a website. Trading is the last step. Whether you are buying or selling Bitcoin, it will be instant because the account is ready. Make use of the available converter to find the exchange rates and applicable fees before completing the buying or selling process.


Once you follow the steps given above, you now know how to exchange Bitcoin on a website. It is an easy and straightforward process for both newbies and those who have traded Bitcoin for a long time. As you can see, the secret lies in choosing the right website and then following the guidelines they have given.


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