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Innovative loyalty and payment trends for fuel retailers

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Loyalty is priceless in the retail world. As per Adobe, the top 10% of customers spend approximately 3 times more than an average customer, and the top 1% spends as much as 5 times more. These statistics make loyalty worth pursuing. 

If your customers can emotionally connect with your brand or product. Chances are there that your total customer lifetime value would be higher than the average. Today, implementing offers and discounts are readily available through an on-demand delivery solution that is easy to integrate. 

But you cannot achieve a loyal customer base by just offering better loyalty schemes. You also need to focus more on your payments too. You should make payments faster and simpler for your customer.

Because if your payment process is lengthy and complicated, chances are there you may lose out on a customer. However, an on-demand fuel delivery app can help you achieve both these goals.

In this blog, we will discuss with you how fuel loyalty programs can help you create a loyal customer base for your brand.

Along with this, we will also show you the latest payment trends in the fuel delivery business. That enables you to create a better payment experience for your clients.  

3 exciting fuel loyalty trends

Customer loyalty is a key driver of retention, enrichment and advocacy. It assures the brand with a deeper level of commitment to as the emotional tie is more important than the monetary incentives. 

And that deeper level of commitment is only achieved when every action, communication, and engagement of your service makes your customers feel valued. If you are looking to integrate a successful reward program in your on-demand solution for fuel business. Then there are several options to explore:

  1. Give ‘extra’ with spending based programmes 

Spending based programmes enable fuel companies to reward customers with higher spending and allow them to engage customers with minimal spending. These programmes help the fuel delivery companies to detect the pattern of buying and spending among the customers.

You can offer attractive perks such as gifts, refreshments, meal coupons, extra fuel, etc. to the customers who reach elite status. Customer will feel appreciated when he gets something extra and avail your fuel delivery services frequently.

  1. Add some fun to deliveries with gamification

In the gamification method, the user has to accomplish the predetermined tasks. In return, customers will get exciting rewards, such as achievement badges, points, progress meters, points, etc.

Moreover, Gamification also includes multiple things, such as adding meaningful choices, onboarding tutorials, increasing challenge, and adding narrative. In a nutshell, gamification aims to give a gamelike feel to the customer by allowing him to fulfil the basic tasks.

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  1. Make your customer feel special with branded fuel cards

Offer co-branded fuel cards to your customers to make them feel extra special. Customers can use this card to get reward points when they book a fuel delivery from you. Promote your fuel cards on social media platforms and also on your homepage and product pages.

With fuel cards, you can directly target premium customers. Besides this, you can provide some bonus points to customers. Who are loyal but not part of your fuel card subscription. Share with them the link to fuel via SMS or email.

3 innovative fuel payment trends

With greater integration of payment methods in fuel delivery solutions, customer loyalty in fuel delivery is becoming highly popular. It allows the fuel retailers to make their payments easier for the customer. Owing to the increasing universal demand for fuel:

  1. Tighten security with facial recognition

Facial authentication is one of the most effective ways to secure your payments. Facial recognition systems use skin colour, facial drawing and skin. Feature extraction to detect the images of the human face. Facial recognition considers different body parts, such as the mouth, eyes, and nose. 

  1. Optimize service times with contactless payments

Providing a safe and comfortable payment experience becomes your top priority. When you are going to adopt an on-demand business model for your fuel business. 

For making your payments contactless. You can add innovative online payment methods. Such as smart cards, net banking, mobile wallets, RFID technology, QR code payments, etc. Into your fuel delivery solution to avoid unnecessary human touch.

  1. Get accurate customer analysis

Another payment trend of major importance in fuel delivery segment and reliance on customer analytics. Access to vast amounts of customer-related purchase and preference data enable the fuel retailers. To personalize offers for customers, and provide them with a better service. Retailers can also use this data to determine customer spending and optimal product mix.

Signing Off

As customer demand and trends keep on changing, fuel retailers also need to revamp their approach to customer loyalty. For this, fuel retailers need to adopt a customer-centric business model. To grab profitable market opportunities and incorporate cutting-edge technologies to reshape the overall customer experience.

To design an amazing customer loyalty and payments programme. Start asking your existing customers which problems they are facing with payments. Also, ask them what new things they want into your loyalty programme. Once you know what your customer wants, then it becomes easier for you to know what they exactly want.

I hope this blog has provided you with all the essential information about the importance of customer loyalty in the fuel delivery business. Thank you for reading this blog.


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