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Injury Lawyer Fort Worth Dealing with Distracted Driving Cases

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Negligence is the primary cause of most accidents. These accidents often lead to severe injuries with hefty medical bills, emotional and mental stress, and sometimes loss of ability to work and even to death. Negligence occurs when a party fails to take reasonable care to avoid causing injury. In simple words, negligence occurs when a person carelessly injures another person.

Most of the personal injury cause includes drunk driving, distracted driving, careless driving, improper maintenance of the property, etc. If you have met with an accident due to someone’s negligence, you have the right to file the claim and get compensated for the damages done. An experienced and skilled Injury Lawyer in Fort Worth will help you in the process.

Distracted Driving & Injury Lawyer Fort Worth: 

Distracted driving may include using a phone, eating or drinking, using a navigation system, turning the radio on-off, and changing the radio channel during driving.

Texting, talking on the phone, tapping the phone while driving has become such a common cause of car and auto accidents that are sometimes categorized outside of distracted driving. In-car wrecks with injuries are now the standard to verify if the driver was on the phone when the collision happened.

People injured by drivers using mobile devices or cell phones are often forced to consult an injury lawyer due to the injuries caused and the recovery of damages.

Texas passed a statewide law banning the use of wireless devices while driving. Reading, writing, emailing, texting is all the points covered by the new statute and Texas law violation.

Other Laws of Texas state regarding distracted driving are:

  1. Ban on the use of cell phones by bus drivers
  2. Prohibition on the use of cellphone by novice drivers
  3. Ban on texting for novice drivers
  4. Ban on texting for bus drivers
  5. Ban on mobile phones and texting in school zones

Do let get surprised by pre-existing laws. Seek some more information on this topic by clicking here.

Injury Lawyer Fort Worth in proving Distracted Driving:

If you have been met with an accident and the accident’s cause was distracted driving, you may be able to get compensation if you prove the other diver was at fault for the accident. For this is always good to have an injury lawyer by your side so that he/she may efficiently prove that the other driver was driving distracted and the act of negligence caused the accident:

The four elements to be proved from your side of the case are:

  • Duty of Care: Your accident attorney will demonstrate the other driver owed you a duty of care to operate their motor vehicle safely at the time of the accident.
  • Breach of Duty: Distracted driving is a type of breach of duty. That is, the driver knows that his/her actions may put others’ lives at risk, yet negligently engages in the dangerous activity.
  • Damages: The injury lawyer in Fort Worth will prove that you suffered specific impairments in the distracted driving accident like- physical injuries, lost income, or property damages.
  • Causation: The injury attorney will help you prove the accident’s cause was the driver’s distraction.

Nursing Home Abuse and Nursing Home Attorney:

A nursing home abuse lawyer helps the victims to get financial compensation for the harm done to them by the staff members or other residents in a nursing home.

The first thing that a nursing home abuse attorney does is that he/she visits the victim, discusses the case, collects the evidence, and then will advise the course of action and file a nursing home abuse lawsuit on behalf of the victim.

Throughout the lawsuit, the lawyer will show that:

  • The nursing home failed to take proper care of the victim, who is the legal duty of nursing homes
  • The nursing home was unable to meet the resident’s need and harmed either through negligence or intentional act of violence
  • The resident suffered from long-term or permanent injuries.


Suffering from an injury can lead to long-lasting consequences like- financial burden, loss of wages, hefty medical bills, etc. If you are injured in an accident, and the cause of your accident is someone else’s negligent action. You must immediately get legal help and hire an injury lawyer in Fort Worth to compensate for the loss due to the accident.

To know more about Injury Lawyer Fort Worth and Nursing home abuse attorney, visit thetexasattorney.com.


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