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Want to Use Infographics for Free? These Tools Can Help

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It is incredible how many times in your life you will be asked to deliver a super persuasive, hyper-effective, mega original presentation and with an ultra-careful design. If this has already happened to you and you are fed up, don’t worry. I will introduce the best infographic maker and the best infographic video maker for you. These two free tools help you get a cool result in a very short time and with a great graphic design.

What is an infographic

Well, an infographic is a graphic way (that is, with images) of presenting the information. And what does it mean? It means that our work will combine images (they can be photos, pictograms, drawings, graphics…) with very short explanatory texts. For this, we will use letters of different types, sizes and colors.

But we will not do it manually, we can use the graphic software, that is, an infographic maker. And in the end, we will get a cool, fun and original job. You sure are thinking it’s like a mural, right? Well, yes, it looks a lot like a mural, only the information and images are going to be done by computer. Once the infographic is finished, you will only have to download the file.

Elements of an infographic

The parts of an infographic must be clear to make our design. They mainly consist of title, body, source and author.

Infographic Title

Every infographic should contain a short title that describes what is going to be presented. It must be striking and attract the attention of the reader so that they continue to observe it. Followed by the title, there should be a small subtitle that cites in a slightly less brief way what will be explained in the representation.

Infographic body

In the body, we will find the texts and images. Use easy-to-read and straightforward texts. Do not write very technical words that the user does not know, and if you do, explain them. Be brief and get to the point.

As for images, opt for highly visual photographs, icons or vectors, as you can capture the user’s attention only if an icon has seemed “funny” to them. They should be unique images that are easily engraved on the mind.

Sources and author

When you extract the information from sources and not from your own inventiveness, such as books, magazines, other web pages, do not forget to cite the author, as they will thank you.

Also, you can take this as an opportunity. Why don’t you send the infographic to the source? Who knows if one day he needs resources and publishes them on his social networks. The author’s section is very important in your infographic since if it goes viral, our name, logo, Twitter account or website must appear.

Advantages of infographics

  • They serve as a support to help the reader not to get lost in the content since it is a synthesis or outline of our article or presentation.
  • Help us understand complicated matters more quickly.
  • They contain a lot of summary information.
  • By containing images, it is easier to remember and learn.
  • It is also more fun than images or texts.

Free tools for making infographics

1. Canva

Making infographics in two minutes is possible with Canva. As an image is worth a thousand of my words, I will put a few examples of what Canva, the best free tool for making infographics, can do. It is a joy to work with this web infographic maker that only asks you to register from your Facebook account to use it.

Best of all, it allows you to use your own photos as backgrounds for your infographics or as elements to insert into your designs. Although it also has a paid plan for you to buy very interesting images, it gives you enough resources in the free version.


  • Original, dynamic and elegant fonts
  • It allows you to play with all kinds of colors
  • You can upload your own photos and images
  • Abundant image resources
  • Everything works with drag and drop, that is: you click, move, drag, crop or enlarge

2. FlexClip

If the previous tool seems helpful to you, this one is going to blow you away. FlexClip is the simplest and most intuitive web application I have ever seen for making online videos. It works with templates, although it also allows you to upload your own images. Its interface is really simple. You can make an infographic video to illustrate and spread facts in a few clicks with FlexClip. Just upload your video clips, enter text, and then make edits at your will. In addition, it is totally free for everyone to use.


  • It offers fashionable and original video templates
  • It offers many ready infographic video templates
  • Everything works with drag and drop
  • It allows you to customize your videos with few clicks
  • It has many predefined images and video templates

To sum up

We already know that making an infographic can be efficient. So today, I presented you what’s an infographic and the infographic maker for creating infographics. Now it is your turn to get the tools and make your own one.


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