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Infertility: What do you need to know before you plan to get IVF treatment?

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GCR Memorial Hospital: In the last few years, it has been seen that couples are struggling with infertility to a great extent. The factors which contribute to the same are lifestyle preference, overall health, environmental factors, age, and much more. No doubt, taking care of your reproductive health is important and when you keep delaying to conceive then you will face struggle. So, does it mean you cannot conceive? In that case, the best choice is to undergo fertility treatment at the best IVF Centre in Punjab. Before you plan for the IVF treatment, it is essential that you know about the same in detail, be it IVF cost, diagnosis test, or any other thing so that it will be easier for you to plan for your treatment journey.

Women’s ability to conceive depends on their age

You need to understand that with the increase in age, the chances of conceiving naturally will take a deep slope. Although you can conceive with the IVF cycle if you are in your 40s then your chances will be less as compared to the woman who is in her 30s. This is the reason, every treatment plan given by the fertility doctor will vary. It’s better that you do not stress about anything and consult the best fertility doctor to manage everything in the right way.

What to expect while undergoing the IVF cycle?

  • The doctor will ask you to get the blood test

The doctor is going to do a preliminary blood test and also check your overall health. In addition, the doctor will check the ovarian reserve to confirm the total count of eggs & whether they are good in terms of quality.

  • Semen test of the male partner

While checking the female fertility, the doctor will also ask the male partner to get a certain test done. For that, the semen analysis is done to check whether the sperm health is right or not.

  • Hormonal injections are given

The doctor will give you the hormonal injections on the 2nd day of your menstrual cycle. The main aim of the injections is to make the ovaries produce eggs. Once enough eggs are produced then the egg retrieval is done. Bear in mind, the injections given the treatment are not painful but it also depends on the person’s ability on how well they can tolerate the pain.

  • Get the pregnancy test done

Once the treatment is done you will be asked to get the pregnancy test done after 2 weeks. The doctor will do a blood test to check for the results.

Additional points

  • Rest is okay but you don’t have to lay on the bed all the time. Extreme bed rest will affect the blood circulation in the body and implantation can get affected. However, you should avoid heavy exercise.
  • Traveling is also allowed, but you should plan for it a few days after the procedure. It’s better that you only proceed when you are feeling okay.
  • Do not smoke or drink at least 2 months before the IVF treatment.


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