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Just imagine what you want to send, in a package insert you customized and ordered in small numbers have. It looks exactly how you imagine it: in color and shape, special equipment and finishing, or printed ribbon. Let us work together to give your product the very best appearance. individual packaging design have the design ideas, we have the technology, and because we want to offer our customers exactly what they have always dreamed of, we produce your self designed packaging in small quantities from 10 pieces.

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Details of the individual shipping boxes in small editions

With our short-run packaging, you have a vast range of options. The cardboard box is a cardboard packaging made of high quality and sturdy Kraft liner paper, which you can configure to your desired dimensions with millimeter precision. That means you have the choice between 10 million possible sizes that can also be individually determined concerning the material. Choose between corrugated cardboard made of E flute or B flute that can be ordered in the primary color brown or white.

To design your personalized packaging you proceed in three steps

You configure your box. You choose the dimensions, the material, the type of print, and the quantity. Note that small editions of 10 or more are possible.

When you have configured your desired packaging, a PDF print template will be created. After you have downloaded it, you can design your packaging in a graphics program of your choice or our online editor, including a 3D preview.

Does everything look like you imagined? Then order directly online, and off you go on the journey of your small packaging run.

Design your packaging

Whether it’s a marketing campaign, a special occasion, or a product in an unusual format, individually designed packaging has many advantages.

In e-commerce, in particular, the packaging is the only physical contact between customer and retailer. How this contact occurs largely determines which emotions the customer associates with you as the manufacturer retailer and the product.

Thanks to the unique design of your packaging, you can use the packaging as an additional channel for branding and marketing, even when shipping in small quantities.

With a personally designed shipping box, you increase the chances that the customer will keep your package. Psychological research shows that it is difficult for us humans to part with something we have established a bond with. So if your packaging is exceptional, the customer will likely keep it. Or want another one right away.

You convey your appreciation to the customer because you are not sending them your product in any box but a personally designed packaging. The short-run of print mate makes it possible.

Designed packaging practical advantages

Is your product so successful that it is often copied? Customized, forgery-proof shipping boxes can be a great way to prevent product piracy.

Does your product have an unusual format that does not fit in a standard box? Or is it particularly difficult or susceptible? For all these challenges, self-designed packaging in the short run can be the perfect solution.

Individual packaging printed by a print mate

We are the experts when it comes to personalized, short-run packaging. So that we can offer you reasonable prices despite small print runs, we have developed innovative concepts for combining several orders. So we produce your box together with other customer boxes and can use all the advantages of large printing machines. So you get your small amount of individually designed packaging at a reasonable price and delivery usually takes place within two weeks.

With all the advantages, what your packaging should look like in the end is not an easy decision. We are happy to support you wherever we can. If you are still unsure or want to convince yourself of the quality of our boxes, we will be glad to send you a sample set of our various shipping boxes. If our 3D view is not informative enough, you can also order dummy boxes.

Produces your packaging by print mate

We need to implement your print job perfectly. In addition, we also attach importance to the conditions under which production takes place. That’s why we print digitally with water-based inks. The print result is perfect; it doesn’t pollute the environment. We print directly on the corrugated cardboard in your box. This makes the effect even more convincing, and we save resources by missing intermediate steps in the printing process. All of our boxes are made from 100% recyclable materials. We use vegetable starch glue when the packaging has to be glued. Are all individual cardboard boxes produced in the USA? Here we work together with proven partners.

We take our responsibility towards people and animals seriously and have found a way to produce sustainably and first class.

Work on print mate

Are you enthusiastic about your first individually designed packaging in small editions and now want a giant print run? Or do you need a standard solution for your next coup? Could you take a look at our packaging portfolio? We are sure to find the right packaging solution for you.

Check out our Window Gable Boxes selection in the SM Custom Packaging it is a good option for Custom Gable Boxes Wholesale to make your bakery boxes, popcorn boxes, party boxes and many others extraordinary.

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