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Improve Your Business With Communication Statistics

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How to Communicate is something that works best when both parties are open with each other. But then again, you wouldn’t want to have a communication breakdown in the first place. So how do you know if your company is communicating properly? Do you know the many different ways by which communication can be affected? There are some statistics that can help you understand what kind of company you have.

A great majority of companies who Communication Statistics In The Workplace ​ with their workers are those that utilize internal communication tools as well. Studies have proven that those who feel connected and engaged within their work team contribute more to their company’s goals and stay longer. But it all really comes down to internal communication. If you and your coworkers are not talking to each other, you aren’t going to achieve the goals that you want to achieve.

How can the statistics that you are looking at possibly help you? Well, by knowing that employees that communicate with their supervisors or executives receive more benefits than their counterparts do. Employees that communicate with the higher-ups are able to receive promotions, raises, and even keep their job. The more that your employees are able to talk to their supervisors or executives, the more productivity you will experience.

One great stat

That has been researched is that having an employee use a business correspondence or e-mail to communicate with their boss has worked well. An employee’s communication tool can either break or make the company more successful, depending on the person. On the one hand, if an employee doesn’t like the formality of using the business correspondence, they may not use it as effectively as a more informal approach would. If the employee is able to fully communicate with their boss through the e-mails, then it can result in increased productivity in the workplace.

But how does Intranet Communications Plan indicate that having electronic forms of communication in the workplace is the best way to go? It’s because it saves time, keeps employees more updated with what is going on within the company, and allows supervisors to have a better understanding of how they are performing throughout the year. This is a huge help for a business owner because a business owner needs to know how well their workers are performing during certain months throughout the year to avoid losing business and to improve profitability. Having this information on a weekly basis can also be helpful for an employer because it lets them see the areas of improvement that need to be worked on.

When you look at workplace statistics

You see that there are several different factors that go into keeping employees happy and satisfied in the workplace. Some of these factors include employee relations, morale, workplace communication, and supervision. Each of these areas has its own impact on the productivity and profitability of a business. According to these statistics, the number one factor that directly affects profitability is employee relations. This figure tells us that a business owner should work on improving the relationships between management and employees.

Workplace communication statistics

Tell us that supervisors are the most important factor in keeping people within a company satisfied. Most workers like communication from their supervisor and vice versa. If you ask a worker if they feel that their supervisor communicates with them. The answer is almost guaranteed to be a yes. This is important because communication plays a huge role in people feeling like they are being heard. Most people within a company find it hard to voice their opinions. And complaints because they feel as though their opinion doesn’t matter.

A second factor that most people within a company would like to see improved within the workplace is paid. Workers that get a pay cut are often unhappy and would seek other employment opportunities. A third issue that often occurs. When there is a pay cut is that employees will often seek out other positions within the company. So that they do not have to face the consequences of a pay cut. Workplace communication is very important because managers need to communicate with their workforce. And workers need to know that their opinions mean something.


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