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Important Tips to prevent eye strain while you are working from home

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Are you also working from home? Well!! Then according to the best eye specialist in Ludhiana, you should be taking good care of your eyes, since the eyes can be strained with the perpetual exposure to the screen light. If you feel persistent in itching and pain in your eyes, then you should visit the eye hospital in Ludhiana.

TIPS for using the computer screen while working from home:

  • The device should be placed at the proper distance

Every work today is done digitally. Regular and prolonged exposure to the light of the computer screen is harmful unless you have placed the computer screen at an appropriate distance. The distance of almost 70 to 100 cms of the computer screen from your eyes is considered good and harmless.

  • The position should be ideal

Before starting working, you should ensure whether the position of the computer screen is ideal or not. The position is only considered ideal if you are not feeling any need to bend your neck. So you should be placing the screen below your eyes. It will also help you to avoid the strain that is the reason for so many eye-related problems.

  • Adjust the lightning

Too much exposure to the bright light can affect your vision So make sure either you are using the dark mode or you have adjusted the lighting of your screen in such a way that it is not causing any strain effect on your eyes.

  • Breaks are important

If you work continuously by perpetually sitting in front of the computer screen, then you will end up getting a headache. That headache would not go away until you are asleep for 2 hours, since your mind has considerably been affected. In most cases, those who get headaches find it difficult to open their eyes in front of the screen.

  • Do eye exercises

The eye doctor usually suggests that the individual should not look continuously at the screen. And if you have to work for 8 hours or more, then you can follow the 20 20 exercises. As per this exercise, the individual should be moving his or her eyes after 290 minutes of continuous focusing on the computer screen. And once you move your eye, try to focus on the object which is almost 20 feet away from your seat.

  • Blinking helps

Blinking your eyes while working help to get rid of many problems, such as:

  • Dry eyes
  • Itchy eyes
  • Use large fonts

What is the use of using extremely small fonts? You can prevent strain by using fonts that you would not find difficult to read.

  • Don’t skip glasses

Make sure you are wearing UV resistant glasses while working. Wearing such glasses would not allow the harmful rays of the computer to pass through.


In case, you feel that your vision has become blurred or hazy and you are finding it difficult to focus on the computer screen, then immediately visit the best eye doctor in Ludhiana.


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