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Important Points You Should Know About Vacuum Glove Boxes

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A glove box is a type of specialized box that has gloves fitted on them. If the conditions inside the box are maintained at vacuum pressure conditions, then it is a vacuum glove box. The most important property of the box is that it is completely airtight and sealed. So the box is well maintained in air and watertight conditions.

The box is useful for various laboratory works. The glove is the only way that will allow access to the inner side of the box. The sample that you have to work on is kept inside the box or the chamber. The inner side of the chamber is filled with an inert gas like Argon or Nitrogen. The gas maintains pressurized condition.

How if the pressure lowered or increased in the box?

In general, the boxes are already maintained at zero vacuum condition. So the manufacturers make use of a suction pump to remove the oxygen and other gases from inside the box. Once the gas is removed, then the entire box is filled with inert gas to a specific pressure.

You can collect more details related to Vacuum glove boxes online as well. The box is maintained at a very stable or inert temperature as well.

The basic reason for use of these boxes

The boxes are widely used for all types of laboratory applications where the samples can be potentially dangerous to touch. The sample that has to be maintained at extremely low-pressure conditions is placed inside the box. The gloves make it easy for the lab staff to work on the samples.

Working principle of the glove box

The box is maintained at vacuum pressure. The vacuum pump will be used to maintain fixed pressure. The air from inside the chamber has to be extracted before the sample can be placed. The expert team will produce a very low-pressure condition inside the box.

But for further lowering the pressure and to create an inert temperature, the inert gas is also filled inside the chamber. This is also done using a pressurized pump. The environment inside the chamber is consistent.

Because the temperature and pressure conditions inside the box are stable, so the lab team can work on the sample. 

What are the uses of the boxes?

As discussed above, the boxes may have many different uses. In general, the boxes are widely used within the semiconducting material manufacturing units. It is also made use of within the battery components manufacturing units.

There are other areas as well where these boxes are used. You will find these boxes widely used in spacecraft engineering units as well. In any area where a potentially hazardous sample needs to be tested or manipulated, you will find this box being used.

How are the boxes manufactured?

The boxes have to be made up of very durable material. Ceramic is one of the most commonly used materials. You will also find some of the boxes made up of durable glass. To a certain extent, metal may also be used in the manufacturing process.

Acrylic is one of the materials that will also be used in the manufacturing of vacuum glove boxes. In any case, the outer and inner casing of the box has to be highly durable. It should withstand low and high-pressure conditions.

Benefits of using these boxes

There are many benefits of using these boxes. One of the major advantages is that the boxes are extremely light in weight so they can withstand all pressure change conditions. The material is also stronger as compared to standard type glass material.

This means that even if the glass is used for the manufacturing of the box, it will not shatter. You will also find that the boxes are very cost-effective as compared to creating a low-pressure room. The material is also cost-effective.

The standard type of box will be made up of ceramic and acrylic material. These two materials are more cost-effective as compared to tough metal. The box is also impact-resistant. So with lowering pressure conditions, it does not get damaged.

Each box will be made transparent so the sample material is easily visible from the outside. In general quality acrylic material is used in place of glass so it does not shatter.


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