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Important Facts You Should Know About LSI Keywords In SEO

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In the era of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning, Google is becoming smarter and more methodical day by day. If we search anything on Google, it provides us with more apposite topics related to our searches. Do you know what goes on behind the scene of daily searches? People are just surfing content that is used for blogs and articles on different websites. But a content writer has to organize his/her content in such a way that the website should rank higher than other competitors. Here, we will discuss some unknown facts about SEO content writing. We will get an idea about keywords and their importance in SEO.

Primary Keyword

The primary keyword is known as the main keyword. It should be the prime target word of your content. It is easier for Google bots to understand what is the content about while scanning. You can add the main keyword to the blog title, subheadings, URL, description, Alt text, caption text, etc. You can also add it to the first introduction paragraph of your write-up. But there is another type of keyword apart from the primary keyword. Let us dive deeper into it.

LSI Keywords

LSI keywords are mainly known as “Latent Semantic Indexing” keywords. They are treated as secondary keywords. LSI keywords are described as words and phrases about the main keyword. Suppose “bag” is your target keyword. Your LSI keywords should be “best leather bag in India”. But how do we find the LSI keywords that would be helpful for our content?

Google finds almost 15 percent of searches are now on the search bar. People are asking more. So, Google has to present related articles with the best-provided answers. Get more information about Digital Marketing Agency in Kolkata

Where to Find?

Google uses advanced mathematical techniques to find relationships between keywords and the detailed concept of a piece of content. There are many ways to find suitable keywords for your content. It will get good search visibility of your website.

1) Google Auto-Complete

You can type the name of the topic you want to search on the Google search bar, the auto-suggest option will provide you all the related contents according to your topic.

2) Related Searches

If you search about a topic on Google and scroll down the page, you will see that there are multiple headings present at the end. All the headings are related to your content, people already searched on Google.

3) People Also Ask

These are the questions people frequently asked about your related search terms. You will get an idea about related keywords if you go through the “People also ask” section.

4) Free Tools

There are free tools available like Serpstat, LSI graph for organic and paid keyword research. It shows CPC (Cost Per Click), Search Volume (How many times a particular keyword has been searched).

There are other paid keyword analyzer tools like the SurferSEO tool where you can find the proper analysis and connection strength of keywords. If you go through the points above mentioned, you will have a clear idea of which keywords are more relatable for your content. It will be easy for you to build up high-quality SEO-friendly content for your website.

Frequency of Use?

You cannot stuff your content with keywords as much as you want. Your content body should sound natural, not robotic. Do not overuse LSI keywords on your content. Otherwise, Google will treat the content as spam. Your website will get penalized by Google for overstuffing the keywords on the main body. You should always think about the readers. Your content should be easily readable and interesting. Use the keywords in such a way that it would seem very natural to the readers.

You should never underuse the keywords either. Otherwise, it will never return positive outcomes. You will not get a good ranking for the website. Always add the LSI keywords to your article body depending on the particle size. If you are about to write a 400-word blog, add 7-9 keywords just where they are necessary to use.

Never write the same keywords again and again. It will turn into monotonous writing. The reader will not spend his/her time reading a boring and non-engaging article. So, it is your time to take the action. Make your SEO content interesting and optimized.

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