im a villainess but i became a mother chapter 1

In a world where villainy is the norm, one woman discovers she may have a chance at redemption… by becoming a mother. Peruse on for the principal section of “im a villainess but i became a mother chapter 1“!

The main character is a villain.

The chief person in “im a villainess, yet I became a mother segment 1 “is a villainess. She is an underhanded lady who has done horrible things. Nonetheless, she is likewise the mother of a small kid. She should now focus on her kid and safeguard them from the world she knows so well.

She has a child

I’m assuming you’d prefer one or two sentences under “1. She has a child”:

The story’s protagonist, the villainess, becomes a mother. However, she is content with her new job. She thinks about how her kid will see her when they learn of her past.

She is attempting to be a decent mother.

Assuming the mother in question is the im a villainess, but I became a mother in chapter 1 of the story, it’s clear that she’s struggling with her newfound role. She’s attempting to be a decent mother. However, her activities and contemplations are still many of those of a villainess. She’s self-centred and manipulative, continuously searching for ways of excelling or getting what she needs. Her kids are optional to her requirements and want. She loves them but doesn’t know how to be a good mother.


I’m a Villainess, But I Became an im villainess, but I became a mother chapter 1 was an interesting read. It was nice to see the protagonist, Sophia, become a mother and deal with all the challenges that come with it. The story was elegantly composed, and the characters were agreeable. I would prescribe this book to anybody searching for a decent story.

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