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Identifying and Treating of Common Cannabis Ailments

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Do you love growing marijuana like me, then this article will help you to identify and treat some common ailments of cannabis plants, Cannabis plants are not protected by illness and viruses. 

Therefore, unpracticed cultivators face issues regularly like lack of nutrients, pests, molds, watering issues, and many more putting them in a difficult spot. Overfeeding and underfeeding both can create problems to the plant-like colorless or malformed foliage and reduced growth rate. Some common cannabis problems are;

*Nutrient Problems 

  1. Nutrient Deficiency- Unpracticed cultivators know that cannabis only requires three nutrients; Phosphorous (P), Nitrogen (N), and Potassium (K). Whereas these macronutrients certainly need to grow healthy, it requires a mixture of macro, secondary, and macronutrients for vegetative growth and flowers.
  2. Nutrient Burn- It takes place when you overfeed nutrients to the plant than they need. Follow the feeding schedule and always analyze pH and EC level after and before feeding your plants to assure that they are absorbing it properly.
  3. Nutrient Lockout- Chemical reaction between your plant and fertilizer causes nutrient lockout. It occurs when you use undiffused chemicals for a long time. It can be treated by coating balanced pH water and restart feeding management again.


  1. Botrytis (Bud rot)- Botrytis (grey molds) enter from opening and cuts that are unsafe. Its symptoms are small black dots, large grey patches, buds, and leaves that begin to shrink, turn brown and die. To cure it, you can shave or remove infected parts, clean used tools properly after use, surround the area with a fan or hygrometer to prevent humidity.
  2. Powdery Mildew- It’s a disease that is identified easily. It causes white, powdery patches on the leaves to stop the growth rate, new leaves and flowers become affected. To treat it, Wipe affected leaves with wet tissue and use neem oil as a spray.
  3. Sooty Mould-  Sooty mold, plant disease, is identified by black spots or coats on leaves, stems, and fruits. It is also known as a blotch or black mold. You can use organic versus pesticides to treat it.


  1. Crickets and Grasshoppers- These common insects are noisy and live on the plant’s branches and leaves. With the help of Spinord products, it can be treated; you may also use neem oil, insect soap, or pyrethrin products.
  2. Leaf Miner- They create holes in the plant’s leaves. Leaf miner eats the tissue and leaves, and they leave long brown traces on the plant leaves. You can treat it with spinosad, or you can also remove pests.
  3. Red Spider Mites- Red spider mites suck the leaves and kill the crop. Use a magnifying glass to identify the white, yellow or black spots on both sides of the leaves. You can treat it by spraying water with alcohol, neem oil, and potassium soap. 


*Watering Issues: Over and Under Watering

Underwatering or over watering can cause suffocation to the plants, which may lead to plant death. Extra moisture or dry soil also attracts pests, fungus, and many more. Avoid overwatering and underwatering; put your finger in the soil, one inch down, and pour water when it’s dry. Keep the plant in a light, oxygenated pot. 

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