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I don’t like to study. What can I do?

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If you don’t love studying, or let’s say hate studying, what does it mean?

If you have the feelings of; why do I have to study, it sucks! It’s boring etc., and you always automatically feel tempted to start doing something else such as exploring social media or watching a game? Or start feeling sleepy as soon as you open that book?

And of course, you want to get rid of these feelings. You feel there that is a problem, and you have got to work hard to change yourself and focus on your studies. You intend to do good in all your coursework, dissertations topics list papers and other academic requirements, but you feel you are not doing justice to yourself?

Now, what does it mean? What can you do to improve yourself? Is there a practice, some information or any great ideas that you can apply to get this issue resolved?

The most important thing, that needs to be realized here, is that we can not resolve any issue unless we fully understand it as it is.

This is to say that when are to move our energies to figure out a solution, the first step towards making this progress is to thoroughly understand the issue that it intends to address.

Therefore, the first and foremost thing to do is to realize and see what it is, what are your true feelings, what are your reactions to it and observe the emotions behind the actions you take.

Is it restlessness? Fear? Resistance?

And once you start noticing these emotions, you will discover that all your feelings are simply happenings. All these sensations have habitual energies that ignite the feelings and the consequent emotions. And because of habits, these emotions come to life and resiting them does not help the cause.

Resisting these feeling only give them energy and empower them. And if this is true, the next question that arises here is that what can you do?

What can you do to stop these feeling and start working on your dissertation topics list, and other academic requirements?

Well, the truth of the situation is that at the moment of its happening, there is not much you can do. This is not to say that you lie still on the bed and do nothing, What it means is that you don’t need to do anything special to get rid of these feelings and stop resisting them. In other words let go!

Simply watch your feeling, emotions and actions and note that these are parts of everything happening around you, and you don’t need to identify yourself with them. They come to life and then disappear in the background, and the real you can watch it and remain as you are.

Just like your breathing, which does not rely on conscious attention to give it life, what you truly are does not need a controller to move it around. And there is no absolute compulsion to get involved in whatever is happening.

This is to say, when you are playing a soccer match, you are simply playing. The thoughts would come and go and you would still be playing. Similarly, when you are in the process of studying, various feelings and thoughts would come and go and it won’t affect your performance, as long as you do not get attached to them and start following them, or instruct them that tgey are not allowed in your life.

Again, the important point here is to allow the thoughts to simply happen. Then they will have no energy to hook you up and drag you away from what you are actually doing.

We hope that this article helps. If you have any further questions related to academic help, simply get in touch!


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