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How to Start a Dissertation

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If you are wondering to start a dissertation research paper and are not sure from where to begin, this piece of writing will help you kick-start your dissertation paper immediately!

Now let’s begin with the fundamental issue which many students face, and that is;

From where do I start?

A Free dissertation Topics paper is just like any other research article that presents the findings of the researcher from a certain point of view. It is a piece of writing which includes;

  • An introduction to the research, research aim and objectives and a research gap
  • A literature review section
  • Research methodology section
  • Results and findings section
  • A conclusions section, ands
  • A list of references – that’s all folks!

What you need to know at this stage is that all dissertations follow a simple structure, as given in the sections above.

There is no difficulty involved in this process – none at all!

However, it is important to note that writing a dissertation paper can take a few months since it involves writing at length. For example, if you are a Masters student, you may be required to write a dissertation paper of say 20,000 words. Well, that takes time!

Therefore, because you are to spend a significant amount of time in writing, it would be more convenient if you feel good while working at it. This means that you must select a topic of the dissertation that you have an interest in.

This brings us to the question of whether you can select any research topic or should it be passed on to you by your supervisor?

The answer to this question is: yes, you can select any topic that you prefer and discuss the same with your supervisor. You will be required to present the topic title along with the research aim, research objectives and the research gap.

The academic supervisors understand that if a student is passionate about a specific Ideas for Dissertation topics, and given that it lies within the scope of the degree title, they would be more than happy to approve the topic so you can start drafting a dissertation proposal for their review and final feedback.

Therefore, the first thing to do, when it comes to starting a dissertation paper, is to finalize a quality dissertation topic title.

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And as soon you have their approval on the topic, you can simply start exploring the subject by reviewing the related literature resources available online.

In conclusion, what you can do, right now, is to simply;

  1. Select A dissertation Topic – discuss the same with your supervisor and get their approval.
  2. Copy-paste the approved topic title into a new Word document (save it under your dissertation name)
  3. Write the research aim, and introduction to the dissertation and why you have decided to work on it (a research gap etc.).

And this means you are done with Chapter 1. Yes, that’s it!

abosulety nothing boring about the process of studying. In fact, it could be a lot of fun as you get to participate in competitions, you get the chance to undertake research and contribute to society.  

It is fun indeed!

If you have any questions related to academic writing, simply get in touch and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you need any assistance with writing a dissertation topics, get back to us and we will ensure to assist you from the beginning until the final submission of the dissertation paper.


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