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How Your Dressing Sense Defines You

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Mark Twain rightly said all those years ago that ‘Clothes Make the Man’. This sentiment has been around for centuries, with William Shakespeare also writing in Hamlet that ‘apparel oft proclaims the man’. These are not mere sentiments, and have held true throughout history. In older times, people could immediately gauge the social status and position of a person by the way they dress. In fact, there was nothing as effective as clothing to show the social classifications back then. Some sorts of outfits were reserved for the elite class, and clothes truly defined who you were. 

Now, however, clothing styles are more democratic and not as discriminatory. After all, there are polo shirts and men’s khakis available at all price ranges, and only extremely discerning eyes can really identify which brands you’re wearing at first glance. This does not mean, however, that the old adage does not anymore. It still does, and you need to pay attention to what you wear. Your dressing sense can define your personality to yourself and to others, so it is an important part of your life. Here are a few of the many ways in which your clothing sense determines what sort of person you are.  

Creates a First Impression

When someone sees you for the first time, they’ll start by noticing your dressing sense and grooming. As the first impression has a lasting effect, you need to make sure you dress to impress. This does not mean that you go for expensive or ostentatious outfits. 

Instead, just wear neat clothes which fit your aesthetic sense and showcase your ability to dress well and look well-groomed.  

Shows Your Attention to Detail

When you pay attention to your outfit and look at little details like how your collar is arranged or what sort of accessories to wear, that creates a positive impression. This is because it shows you are a detail-oriented person and handle things in a thorough manner. 

In addition, these little details can take even the simplest of outfits to the next level. So, if you do focus on these little touches, it shows how meticulous you are. 

Reveals Your Habits

Clothing can really show what sort of person you are. For example, if you just wear whatever tshirt and jeans you see first in your reach, it shows you’re not willing to put in much of an effort. In fact, it may emit a sense of laziness. Similarly, if you don’t wear the right sort of fit or look slovenly, that reveals your negative habits.

On the other hand, if you wear even the simplest outfits in a neat way with some panache, then it shows you have good habits when it comes to keeping things clean. In addition, if you tend to plan your outfits it shows in their cohesion, and establishes you as an organized person. 

Shares Your Interests

Your outfits can also be a great way to showcase your interests. This does not mean just wearing merchandise related to your favorite hobbies. A generic outfit can also show what sort of interests you lean towards. For example, if you dress in a sporty manner, it shows your athletic side. On the other hand, if you tend to wear more refined outfits like tweed blazers, it shows you have a more cerebral side. Therefore, the way you dress can show where your interests lie, and what sort of life you lead.  

Works as a Tool for Your Goals

Clothing is not only a way to showcase who you are, but also works as an aid to your goals. After all, your outfits can really help you create an impression on potential employers, workers, or future partners. So, it would make sense to dress for the life you want in a reasonable manner. 

If you do so, it will make it easier for you to achieve your goals and get into the right circles to get things done. This is especially true if you want to climb up the ranks at your existing job.

Markets Your Values

For both genders, clothing can be a great way to show your personal values. The amount of skin you show, the types of outfits you wear, and the way you wear them are all indicators of your personal values. 

Basically, your clothing can show whether you’re right-leaning or left-leaning, conservative or liberal, religious or agnostic, and so on. This is especially true in societies where clothes are the main markers of your socioeconomic and religious identities. 

Showcase Your Aesthetic Sense 

Of course, apart from all these points, clothing is simply a way to show off your aesthetic sense as well. You can really experiment with your outfits if you like to be creative and unique with your outfits. If your tastes are more classic, then you can plan your outfits accordingly. 

Therefore, your clothes are a great way to present your aesthetic sense and showcase your creativity. 

To sum up, clothes define your personality as they are a reflection of how you think and behave. From what you wear to how you wear it, everything matters. 


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