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How Your Business Can Utilize a Custom Metal Lapel Pin

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You might have been interested in new uniforms for employees at your company or at least new details to add to the uniforms that will help them to look more polished. Changing things up with small additions here and there can be an effective and affordable way to refine the look of their uniforms without changing the entire outfit. If that sounds appealing to you, you might want to consider designing a custom metal lapel pin as a new detail for the work uniform. For something so small, it can make a real impact.

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A Uniform, Professional Look
Giving your employees a custom metal lapel pin to wear as a part of their uniform is a great detail to bring the entire staff together visually. It creates a more cohesive look amongst the employees that reflects well on the business as a whole. Employees represent the company they work for, so adding small details like custom lapel pins for all of the workers makes the company look good. Customers see this polished, professional uniform and immediately form an impression of the business. This is especially wise to have during special events that the company has open to the public. All of the staff clearly go together and create a sleek, professional appearance to the public.

Universal for Workers
One of the great things about creating a custom metal lapel pin for your staff is that it is universal for all of your workers. It does not matter what their names or job titles are, all of their lapel pins coordinate with each other to show the company they all represent. This is in stark contrast to name tags which prominently display the names and possibly job titles of your workers. Name tags are meant for individual workers and cannot be transferred from one person to the other. Branded lapel pins on the other hand, do not represent individual employees, only the business itself. This means that you can change staff or their titles and still hold onto these pins to use in the future.

Subtle Branding
Using a simple custom metal lapel pin as a component of the uniform is a great way to add some company branding in a subtle way. It is not as overt as a sign or poster, but still gets the message across. A lapel pin is a small, wearable detail that you can design to feature your company’s name, logo, or tagline. It is small enough to not feel distracting or overly obvious as a promotional decoration, but it delivers the message and provides you with a new way to remind customers of your brand. As small as it is, it is also a very direct way to highlight your business.

Reward Long-Term Staff
Even if you choose to not make them a consistent part of your staff uniform, your business might still be able to benefit from having branded custom lapel pins. Design some pins as badges of honor for your staff to celebrate how long they have been working at your company. Your long-term workers will especially appreciate the acknowledgement for their time spent at your company. It is a simple, but fun way to celebrate your workers and it adds a great boost of morale when someone gets a new pin.

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