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How You will feel for Getting Lip Fillers done

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Kylie Jenner was crediting her inflated lips to Juvéderm, which is the popular injectable facial filler. She wanted to lift the lid on what it really looks and feels like for getting the treatment done. In her own words, she has shared how a 24-year-old Chloe gets graphic about her overall experience.

The doctor she went through had been suggested by some of her friends and some celebrities have performed too whose lips look really natural. She felt she could trust the doctor as she had seen several people doing the same.

It costs somewhere around £150 for her but the woman who performed them came from Newcastle and does several at once so that you can get it at a cheaper rate. At other places, the prices have started from £300 and so, it is an expensive habit.

The treatment did not take much time after applying a numbing cream was applied and it was left for 5 to 10 minutes when the actual injections took not more than 10 minutes.

She did not knew how many individual injections the doctor had done. But it was a 1ml syringe of Juvéderm and so, might be around 8-10 individual injections.

Though the affected area had been numbed, it was really painful. It also bled a lot that was not expected,

After it was really weird, they became swollen straight away and feel solid. You need to massage any lumps between your forefinger and thumb that does not hurt due to numbing cream, but after that had been worn off, they hurt for almost 12 hours.

After getting them done, her lips became extremely dry, cracked and sore due to swelling and she got dry lips.

She felt self-conscious with swelling for almost 3 or 4 days after getting them done. She also had bad bruises and so, needed to wear lipstick for at least one week afterwards for covering up.

There were lots of lip fillers around the top lip line than plumping up the fullness which looked obvious on me. But if there are fine lines in this area, then this might be a good thing.

She felt like she needed to wear lip liner over the ‘filler line’ to make it appear natural – whereas she had hardly lined her lips.

Kissing does not feel like she is noticeably different but feel more solid to touch than natural lips which seem weird.

She got them done almost 2 months before and as she could feel filler in her lips, she knew it is there. Her lips were not super plump but they are definitely poutier than before. She has friends though who love theirs and they have ‘topped up’ with 1/2 ml of filler in every 6 months.

If you have thin lips to begin with, you actually require more lip fillers in London than you would initially think. Since everyone has different lips, everyone will not be able to get the same result.

You might think that they do not actually work and the filler sits along the lip line thus, making your mouth appear more puffy than full.

Once it is completely gone, you will possibly miss the fullness of the top lip and will get used to wearing lipstick which you did not in the past. This is because you can draw attention to how thin they used to appear.

But, getting them done will make you feel self conscious as you won’t tell people that you will get them done and feel like people will notice them. Though she had never said about getting more, but it is something she must be planning at the moment.



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