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How You Will Feel After a Full-Body Massage

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You feel calm, your blood flows and the muscles will be like jelly after your massage. The massage therapist will tell why you should have plenty of water to drink after a massage with best oil for massage, but at the time you may not be so calm that you will not really enjoy it all. You would want to stick as long as possible to this fantastic post-massage sensation.

Effect On Circulation

Massage circulates the blood and starts releasing built-in toxins. Through the loosening of the muscles, your trainers lose the poisons and start to move into your liver and other organs. Being moistened before and after a massage helps to remove the already increased circulation from the contaminants and waste items.

You should concentrate on the sound of your own respiration, calm your mind and transfer your thinking as you sit on the massage table, standing still. You are fully committed at the moment—sometimes called awareness. Please note that you are mindful of the current situation and that it helps to balance the emotions and raise your consciousness.

The areas of your brain, particularly the insula and prefrontal cortex, get less involved while you do the practice of consciousness, allowing you to become less reactive. You should separate your thoughts and just watch your thinking while you stay committed to the current reality.

Effect On Brain

The touch of the psychiatrist stimulates your brain to immediately respond. As soon as the nerve cells of your skin sense pain, they signal that the brain releases sensational chemicals, named endorphins, which lift your mood and give you a natural height. The consequence of stress hormones is euphoria, and bliss starts to decline with cortisol and adrenaline.

Chemical Influence

The morphine-like influence of endorses can contribute to reducing pain impulses from the brain when you have actual problems or pains. And after a hard exercise, if the muscles are exhausted, a good rubdown will potentially make them recover quicker.

Often massage practitioners apply aromatherapy to their bare skin with scented essential oils during their procedures. The oils compliment the calming feeling and scent of the doctor, but still activate some brain activity.

Grapefruit oil can promote encephalin activity, neurotransmitters that function like natural painkillers, while marjoram oil can increase serotonin levels, which help you calm down. Lavender is one of the most well-known oils that contribute to sleepiness and rest. Ylang-ylang oil derived from the tropical plant stimulate the production of the good endorphins that have been described previously.


We also believe that we can sense the stress working physically out of our bodies, and that’s very similar to what happens if we get a massage. The pressure from hand gestures of the trainer falls back into play to improve the blood supply, to transfer blood more quickly and to release cell waste – like useless proteins – quicker. And the mind is also getting a little washed. Studies have proved that you can think better and increase alertness with just a 15-minute downward spell.


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