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How You Can Update Your TPlink Deco M4 Router With Deco App?

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The TPLink Deco M4 router is a dual-band wireless router that offers a speed of almost 1200MBps from both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. The inbuilt MU-MIMO technology feature allows the users to connect to more than one device at the same time. A separate guest network with parental control allows the users to block the website and create a private network for families and friends. It enables users to stream high-end gaming and HD video streaming without buffering. It spreads the signal coverage over a large area at every small zona of your home and office.

The TPlink Deco M4 Router setup is easy and can be done using the web interface and tits Deco app. It is controlled by giving voice commands as it can easily connect to Alexa. Dual Mesh technology offers to connect multiple networks to the same network. Therefore, it boosts the internet speed and signal. The brilliant LED light lets you know the router’s status just by seeing the color and light of the router. The WEP/WPA/WPA2 security encryption provides more security to the wireless internet connection. You can also add an external device using an ethernet port.

TP-Link Deco M4 Router Manual

Before installing the Deco router, you must read the instructions mentioned in the user manual of the Deco router. The User manual comes with the router in the shipment box. It consists of contents, including the appearance of a router, the setup procedure, WiFi settings, Dashboard, features, manager, authentication, the process to update the deco firmware, guest network with parental controls, FCC statement, caution, safety precautions, and many more.

Setup Your TP-Link Deco M4 WiFi Router

The TPlink Deco M4 Router setup is simple and can be completed quickly. Download the TP-Link Deco app by scanning the QR code label on the bottom of the router. You can also search in-store by typing Deco. Fill in the TPLink account credentials when a new interface with login appears on your screen. Establish a connection using an ethernet cable to join Deco and the modem. On the following interface, select your location. Choose the custom option to create a new spot. Now it will tell youtube to create a WiFi network name and security key. You will now successfully establish a new network.

Now we are going to \explain the procedure to update the router using the Deco app.

How You Can Update Your TPlink Deco M4 Router With Deco App

There are various methods to update the TPlink Deco M4 Router . You can edit the TP-Link router by visiting the web management page using the web interface, the upgrade tool, and the Deco app. But here, we will tell you the procedure to update the TP-Link router using the Deco app.

Open the Deco app and fill in the account details of the Deco app. Under the router settings, you will find an Update Deco option When you click on More available at the bottom of the interface. The following interface will show you whether the Deco app update is available. If available, it offers Firmware updates is available for TP-Link Deco. Firmware versions and what’s new in the update are mentioned in detail. On the bottom, there is a download firmware option. Click on it. Downloading procedure will start when you click on the download firmware option. Now tap on the install option, and the Deco app is rebooted after successful installation.

If the above procedure doesn’t work for you, then enter in the web interface search box to update using the web management page.

Real Or Scam?

An excellent product for me, since I have been using this for the last 15 months. All things in this router work very well. Great features like smart LED light, easy setup, and many more will attract buyers. The speed and coverage range is incredible. The app control feature lets you control the router’s settings using the mobile device. The can-do streaming and gaming tasks without any lag. Perfectly suitable for apartments and large offices due to high range capacity. TP-Link is one of the most valuable brands, which makes it reliable in this affordable price range. Overall, an excellent and actual product. I must recommend all buyers to purchase this product.

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