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How VAS Services Enhance The Loyalty of Telecom Customers

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Customers are at the epicentre of every business. If the customers are loyal to a particular brand and place repeat orders, its competitive advantage increases.

A fool-proof strategy that brands often choose for retaining their customers is Value Added Services. These are some non-core services added to the core services to improve the quality of these services and enhance the customer experience. 

In case you are into a B2B business in the telecom sector, Value Added, or VAS services will be more significant for you. If the same customers place repeated service requests, it will mean that you are chosen over your competitors. It will also signify that the brand’s profitability graph shall remain consistent for some time in the future.  

Here are a few pointers that would tell you how VAS services increase customer loyalty in the telecom sector.

Establishes seamless connection 

Customers develop a sense of belongingness with a particular brand when they understand that they are valued. This is where the role of VAS Services starts. 

The telecom companies offer various sorts of value-added services through IoT device management in the form of on-demand video subscriptions, music subscriptions, VAS storage, and lots more. These services are specially designed to understand the pulse of the target niche of customers. 

Hence, when these target groups of customers feel that the telecom provider offers something extra, which is precisely attuned to their interests, they do not think of switching over.  

Thus, if you feel that you do not connect well with your customers, value-added services are the only alternative that would establish a seamless connection. 

Lots of offers under a competitive price tag

An internet user will have to pay high revenues for playing a game, downloading full APKs of online games, or streaming full video from different online platforms.

The telecom industry’s leading brands have taken advantage of modern consumers’ interests to design their value-added services accordingly. 

These telecom leaders either offer these services free of cost, or bundle packs, or nominal prices to their existing customers. This generates a feeling among the customers that they will get extra benefits and core services if they continue to subscribe to the services of a particular telecom brand. 

In case you want to lure your retreating customers, the VAS services are worth trying out. These services will make your customers feel that they will get something extra over your brand’s core services at cutthroat rates.

Increased convenience

Complete digitization of the telecom industry is another step in the process of value addition. 

Most of the leading telecom brands have gone to the extent of offering mobile apps to their customers. Through these apps, customers can now access their billing details, pay their bills or change telecom plans without going to the physical store. This arrangement has made the entire system convenient when time is short, and work pressure is intense.

Since this convenience is an addition to the core services offered by telecom giants, it is attracting customers and increasing customer loyalty towards them. 

Hence, if you want to prevent your customers from switching over to other brands, offer them convenience through value added services.


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