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How Tourists Can Claim VAT Refund in the UAE?

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The United Arab Emirates and specifically Dubai, is the heaven of tourists. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world, and millions of people visit it every year from across the globe. After sightseeing and exploration, the most favorite thing of tourists is shopping. The UAE has a different taxation system from other countries of the world, and tourists have to comply with it too.

The tourists shopping in the UAE have to pay the mandatory value-added tax on the item they would like to buy. However, the good news is that they are eligible for a VAT refund too. If their native country does not have a VAT taxation system, the tourists might suffer a little with the refund process, as it is not easy. At the same time, it is not so difficult; you just need to know the details and follow them efficiently.

Keep scrolling down this article to learn how tourists can claim a VAT refund in the United Arab Emirates and make sure to claim it.

Top 6 Steps Tourists Can Follow to Claim VAT Refund in UAE

If you are visiting Dubai or the United Arab Emirates for the first time, you might not be aware of how the taxation system works there. Do not avoid buying presents and souvenirs for your family and friends out of the fear of paying huge taxes, as you can claim a value-added tax refund and enjoy your shopping experience. Just be sure to comply with the process.

Here are some of the basic steps tourists can follow to claim a value-added tax refund in the United Arab Emirates.

1. Explore Essential Conditions

The very first step tourist can follow to claim a VAT refund in the UAE is to explore the essential conditions. The essential conditions are that you must be a visitor who will not stay in the country for more than ninety days. After that, you must export all the bought goods with you. Moreover, you must buy from the designated shops. Still, issues can arise due to which a lot of tourists consult the best VAT consultancy in Dubai and make sure they do not have to compromise their refunds.

2. Check Limit on VAT Refunds

The next step tourists need to follow to claim a VAT refund in UAE is to check the limit on refunds. The tourists have to shop for not more than 10,000 DH on a daily basis to be considered for a VAT refund. If you spend more than the shared limit, you might have to face the varied scenario of refund management. So be cautious and follow the limit to avoid complications.

3. Check Designated Places

One of the most important steps the tourists should never ignore while shopping in UAE and claim their refunds is checking the designated places. You cannot just shop from anywhere and expect the authorities to offer tourist VAT refunds. There are specific shops and places designated for the purpose. So, you need to explore and find these places to get your refunds.

4. Validate Your VAT Refund Eligibility

Another critical step that the tourists have to follow to smoothly get VAT refunds over their shopping is to validate their VAT refund eligibility. For this purpose, they can show their passport, visa, and other travel documents to the authorities and shops from where they are buying goods. If they fail to prove their validity, they might not be able to claim a refund.

5. Select Refunding Method

Another important step that the tourists have to follow to claim a VAT refund is selecting the refunding method. The refund can be received in cash and credit. You need to specify which option suits you best and get your refunds without any hassle. If you face any issue or complication, you can always consult the experts and ensure to resolve the situation smoothly.

6. Consult the Experts

Lastly, the best and easiest step tourists can follow to claim a VAT refund in the UAE is consulting the experts. If you are facing any type of issue like you have stayed more than the allowed time or you are not sure about the refunding process, getting expert help is the best option. You can consult the best VAT consultancy in Dubai and let the expert take charge of the refunding procedure while you enjoy your shopping and trip.

Shop Safely and Claim your VAT Refund!

If you are avoiding shopping in the UAE due to the fear of taxes, you are doing injustice to yourself, which you might regret later on. So, make sure to find the designated places and shop whatever you want, considering the spending limit. Remember that you must leave the country within 90 days. Get in touch with professional VAT consultants if any other issue emerges and impacts your shopping or refunding.


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