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How to Find Clothing Manufacturers for Startups

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Fashion is the most diverse and coveted profession where survival is nothing short of bullfighting! You have to take each step cautiously so that a fellow competitor does not overrun you. With so many brands springing up, each introducing a stellar idea and concept, you, as a budding entrepreneur, have to roll out ideas that stand out from the rest.

Despite the fierce competition, many ambitious and aspiring fashion entrepreneurs have made their mark, and so there is no reason you can’t. However, whether you wish to be the next fashion entrepreneur or open a clothing line, you need a reliable startup clothing manufacturer to make your success guaranteed.

There is almost a cut-throat competition in the clothing world, with numerous brands with decades of experience added to the large budgets and celebrity endorsement backing them up. If you plan to launch your own clothing business but are unsure where to start or who to trust, we have got this article created just for you! Here, you will get to know everything that will help you search for a trustworthy clothing manufacturer.

Working With A Clothing Manufacturer

Before you begin your search for a clothing manufacturer, you need to think through your decision. With all the startup business intricacies in your mind, ask yourself whether or not you want to work with a clothing manufacturer.

If your business idea circles around selling a small batch of clothing products online, it is better that you stick with dropshipping and sourcing products from a custom clothing supplier. It will save you from the trouble of worrying about the production side of things since you can choose pre-made clothing items from a catalog.

Unless you don’t have a unique idea of introducing a new range of clothing lines or launching your designs, you are better of without a clothing manufacturer.

However, there are benefits of having a clothing manufacturer:

·         It helps when introducing your clothing designs

·         You can launch your brand

·         Put a price you want

·         The branding, marketing, and management are in your control

The few drawbacks of having a clothing manufacturer are:

·         You have to make an upfront payment

·         Paying for items in bulk

·         More legal intricacies involved

·         It is risky

Qualities Your Clothing Manufacturer Must Have

if you have decided that your situation calls for collaboration with a clothing manufacturer, below are the factors you have to consider before working with one.

Is The Manufacturer Skilled Enough To Prepare Your Product

You might find the question odd since it is a prerequisite to choosing a clothing manufacturer, but it is essential. Since not all clothing manufacturers are capable of producing all types of clothing, you have to see that the one you are pairing with can handle your clothing production.

For instance, outdoor clothing and its materials are very different from clothes being designed for formal events. You need to ensure that the manufacturer understands this and has prowess at handling the clothes you want.

National or International Manufacturer

Some people prefer working with local manufacturers while others find international ones more suitable. You can choose to work with a manufacturer who is from the US, Europe, or Asia. If you are from a small country, it might be hard for you to find economically viable clothing manufacturers. However, if you feel more interested in producing locally-made clothing, you might find one who is reliable.

Minimum Order Quantity They Can Take

Whoever you choose to work with as your clothing manufacturer, you need to know their minimum order quantity. Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is the number of items that you purchase through a single order. It can be hundreds or thousands or maybe more than that. Any manufacturer you choose will have an MOQ. Knowing it is vital as you have to place your first order knowing that the person has the capacity to deliver the said items and you are able to pay for it. For example, if a manufacturer has an order capacity of 1500, you should match it with your requirement and the budget required to purchase the order. Buying items that you can not pay for or that you will be unable to sell will cost you and negatively impact your business. Therefore, choose a manufacturer who has MOQ that matches your requirements and business scale.

Offer Product Samples

Whether it is your clothing order or anything else, purchasing without even checking out your order is shooting yourself in the feet. Try out the product before you commit to buying it. If you are working with a manufacturer to produce clothing for your business, you have to check out the samples to see if you are getting what you committed for or not. It is essential since you would know if anything is amiss at the very beginning to save from any significant loss. Finding only 2 or 3 useable items from among hundreds is not what any business owner would like to experience.

To ensure that you are apprised of your entire order, you must keep a robust communication so that you are well-informed about your order. Therefore, choose someone as serious about maintaining contact and keeping you updated about your order.

Fee and Shipping Cost In case of An International Manufacturer

Getting excited with the prospect of your own business with your order arriving from a foreign land is normal. However, what you should never overlook is that in this rush, do not forget that you have to manage your finances too. Ask the manufacturer of any additional fees that you should know beforehand, along with the shipping costs and time. It is essential to clear out these details from the outset to avoid misunderstandings and delays.

Confirming The Production Capacity

Production capacity is probably the last thing on your mind since, in your excitement, you forget to have a backup plan in case of both success or failure. When getting your clothing line started, in addition to being concerned about your first order, do devise a plan for if your business goes better than you predicted. Make sure that you are choosing a manufacturer on whom you can rely. Will the manufacturer be able to quickly ramp up production or not? Therefore, you must always confirm the production capacity of your manufacturer. Be certain that, if need be, the manufacturing can be notched up without affecting the timing.

Quality of Production

Although you can not ask about the manufacturer’s quality directly, what you can do is do thorough research. Go through all the reviews of the manufacturer or visit the factory if possible. Remain connected throughout the making of your order so that you know you are not in for a loss. It is not something you can disregard or be negligent of since your product’s quality will determine your brand image and reputation.

Once you have resolved the above pointers, you can be sure of the manufacturer you have chosen. Your next step then is to find meet up or call and begin the work of your dreams! 


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