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How to watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 on Netflix?

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If you are currently in France, you must have noticed that season 7 of the series Brooklyn Nine-Nine is not available on Netflix. It’s unfortunate… but know that there is a solution. We have found a foreign Netflix catalog that will give you the opportunity to watch Brooklyn 99 season 7 while staying in France. And in addition, you can enjoy the voices and / or subtitles in French.
What is this catalog? How to access it from France or elsewhere? We answer all these questions in the rest of our tutorial.

Which Netflix catalog offers Brooklyn 99 season 7?
As we hinted at in the introduction, Brooklyn 99 season 7 is not available on Netflix France.
On the other hand, it is on the Canadian catalog of the streaming platform. How to get there from France?
Well, given that Netflix uses your IP address to determine your current geographic position (and thus give you access to one of its catalogs), you will need to obtain a Canadian IP.

In this way, you will be able to simulate your presence in Canada. And all this without leaving your home.
To get there in just a few seconds, you’ll have to use a VPN like Fastest VPN (see screenshot above).
With such an application, you will have no trouble having a Canadian IP and therefore watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Season 7 on Netflix.
Watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 on Netflix: Our Tutorial
Now you must be wondering how to do it? This is why we are going to present our tutorial to you.
But above all, we want to reassure you that the procedure to follow is accessible to all.
Subscribe to a VPN subscription with Fastest VPN (there is currently -49% and 3 months offered on its 1 year offer).
Download the app on the device of your choice.

Install the application by following the instructions given by the installer (it is automatic on smartphone and tablet).
Then start the application and connect to the “Canada – Montreal” server.
Once logged in, refresh your Netflix tab and you’ll see Brooklyn 99 Season 7 appear!
The very good news is that you will have access to the voices in French AND in English (in the same way as for the subtitles):

Proof that it’s possible to see Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 on Netflix (with Fastest VPN)
Still finding it hard to believe this is all real? In this case, take a few minutes to watch our video tutorial:

VPN to use: Fastest VPN
As you have noticed, for our tip, you should not use just any VPN (and especially not a free VPN).
No, you will have to use a paid VPN and more specifically Fastest VPN.

It is indeed the benchmark when it comes to unblocking foreign Netflix catalogs. In addition, it offers excellent speeds which will ensure you a viewing in High Definition.
Fastest VPN is above all a service with a quality application (it is for us the best VPN for Android, among others), more than 3000 servers in 94 countries, 5 simultaneous connections, as well as a strict no-retention policy.
If you want to find more information about it, we strongly recommend that you can use.
Are you convinced by its benefits? In this case, click on the following button to take advantage of -49% and 3 months free:

Know that regardless of your length of engagement, you will be entitled to a 30-day money-back guarantee. So you can get a full refund if you don’t want to pay anything while watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 on Netflix.
Now by doing this, you will be doing without the many other advantages that such a VPN offers.
What are the other advantages of such a VPN?
What are the advantages? Well you might expect, Fastest VPN isn’t just good at giving you access to Brooklyn 99

season 7 on Netflix in France.

It will also serve you to:
Watch UCL matches on free channels (foreign channels).
Watch F1 live without a Canal + subscription.
Download torrents safely.
Change location on the Internet.
Unblock Netflix Japan, UK, and USA…
These are just a few examples but you can see that the possibilities are many. You might as well say that you will have no trouble quickly making your Fastest VPN subscription profitable (which currently costs 5.60 € / month).
So it would be silly to ask for a refund after watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7.
If you still have questions regarding our tutorial, using Fastest VPN, or anything else, leave us a comment below. Our team will be happy to answer them to help you.


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