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How to Use Video Marketing for your Social Networks

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We already get used to trends coming and going. Some platforms become fashionable, certain themes and content are more recurring as the world is changing. However, we can agree that video marketing strategies are long overdue to stay. Thinking about video marketing tips as something crucial for your brand, creating videos for your social networks and being aware of the latest trends is something that every brand manager and marketing specialist should have on their daily checklist. For example, you can add some technology videos to your tech site to attract more readers. Have you implied a social media marketing strategy? If you haven’t started yet. You’re already late! By now, most network users have shared a branded video at least once.

Why Should You Bet on Video

There are hundreds of people consuming video content. The vast majority of them, 90% spending their time watching videos of the brands they follow. If this was not enough, let’s remember that video is content that can be easily consumed. All you need is to open an app and choose one to play. It is easier to consume since videos involve music, moving images and animated text. It is said that people process visual content about 60,000 times faster than text.

The TV and online videos are already competitive, as their prime times are becoming similar. In addition, television consumption habits have decreased in recent years. Consider that a minute of video can fit the same information as in more than a million words because it allows the use of multiple resources to reinforce a message. It’s a great opportunity to create original content that can captivate new audiences.

Tips to Make Your Videos for Networks

First of all, Know your audience so that you speak their language, know the same codes, and have what they are looking for. The next step is to gather ideas and plan your content. Ask yourself questions like: What can the viewers get from my videos? What is the purpose of my video? 

  • Tells a story! The stories awaken emotions. They connect with the public.
  • You have only 8 seconds to capture your audience’s attention since people’s attention is very short. Some studies even indicate that the human being’s attention is shorter than that of a fish, so make it worth every moment that the user grants you. For this, your introduction is the key.
  • The quality is all about. Prioritize quality content over quantity so every effort counts.
  • You’d better to keep it concise, short, and without unnecessary fillers as billions of messages that come and go across the network every second.
  • Make videos accessible to everyone and use subtitles in a readable format.
  • Choose the right platform based on your product and your audience.
  • Do video SEO, especially on YouTube. SEO helps you rank higher as the same in Google.

Advantages of Using a Video Editor

There are many video marketing tools that every marketer should know. Choose one best meets your need.

  • It is extremely fast. You skip all the planning stages and instead just need to consider the key ideas and a brief outline.
  • You don’t need any special work equipment, video creation specialists, or an expensive software license. You just need your computer with internet access.
  • You don’t need special knowledge or take a special course to learn how to use it. The video editor guides you slide by slide and is user-friendly, even if it is your first time creating a video.
  • You save a lot of money in production and payments to other people. With an annual subscription, you can make all the videos you need for the same price and at any time of the day.
  • You can choose from tons of templates created by expert designers.
  • If you have a small business and want to optimize your resources, this option is perfect for you.
  • Achieve professional results for a minimal part of what you would have invested by hiring an audiovisual production team.
  • You can use your own graphic pieces, specific images of the products you want to show and adjust them in a way that works for your video.
  • If you need elements, you can take advantage of the rest of the tools available for your promotional materials and even make your logo online.
  • A social media video maker allows you to create fancy videos. You are able to use the preset video templates and the stock media.

To sum up

Doing video marketing on social networks allows you to reach two generations: millennials and Generation Z with the same medium. It is like killing two birds with one stone. Help generate more traffic to your website and your online store. Having a presence on the internet no longer means an advantage. It is a necessity for any brand that wants to survive in any industry. Creating a video marketing strategy will create more confidence for your brand and, as a result, will help you generate more conversions that translate into money and income for your business. Always remember to encourage your users’ interaction with your brand through videos, ask them what they think, ask them to share, or leave the space open for their advice and suggestions.


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