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How To Use the Latest Features of Windows 7

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Windows 7 had introduced several new features that would change the appearance of this operating system. However, you may wonder how to use the latest features of Windows 7. The following guide would introduce you to the latest and most important features of Windows 7. You would also learn about their importance and relevance in the present times. 

Windows Taskbar 

The taskbar of Windows 7 has made Windows user-friendly. It enables you to pin several items to the taskbar. You could open any frequently used program at any time with a click of a mouse. You could bring up the jump list by right-clicking the pinned items. It would also provide you quick access to recently opened files and vital program settings. 

Windows Action Center 

Despite the Windows Action Center coming in Windows 10, it had made its initial appearance in Windows 7. You could access it by clicking on the little flag in the lower-right corner. The Action Center would also alert you when anything needs your attention. Rest assured it would inform you about the disabling of the firewall. It would remind you of creating a hard drive backup. 

Windows Themes 

Vista had themes available in it. However, it has been upgraded to Windows 7 activation. Things have been slightly better in the latest Windows 7 version. These desktop backgrounds along with system sounds would offer you a personalized experience. You could make the most of the pre-packed themes available in the Control Panel. You could also download additional themes from Microsoft. It enables you to change the background on the desktop to any image suitable to your mood and requirements. 

Windows Aero Interface 

It would be best described as the design language used for the Windows7 interface. It caters to your touch screen support. Apart from them, translucent windows have been the biggest innovation in Windows 7. It enables you to keep your desktop under check all the time. The Aero Peek, Aero Snap, and Aero Shake features would enable you to move and resize open windows with more flexibility. It has been a boon for the users to make the most of the latest features offered in Windows7. 

Windows Search 

To open the search box, you need to click the start menu. It would assist you in finding files and programs quickly on your desktop. You would get search results grouped in categories inclusive of Documents, Music, games and Programs. It would be pertinent to mention here that the search feature might not be as quick as in Windows 10, but it has been relatively quicker than the ones used in the file explorers of Windows Vista and Windows XP. 

Windows Gadgets 

Windows gadgets have been yet another feature introduced in Vista. These widgets running on your desktop sidebar would help provide several features. By installing gadgets for Windows 7, you could track weather, update social media feeds, and monitor CPU usage. 

The bottom line 

Windows 7 provides the best experience with its latest features. You would be able to make quick corrections using the latest strategies. These latest features would help you make the most of the Windows 7 experience. 


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