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How to use OTG Oven

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Baking basics was a page I didn’t know would become a favourite on my blog. My baking basics page is beneficial for beginners. I get inspired by the great feedback, which encourages me to write more. Regular readers may recall my post about my Morphy Richards OTG Oven. However, the new models on the market need to be updated. 

So, I decided to make a new post about my Sunflame oven, even though it’s only one year old. My videos are popular, so I made a video showing the interiors and functions of my otg morphy richards.

You can read the text if you enjoy reading. If you prefer visuals, you can view the video below. I’ve tried to cover every function you need for baking success. You can also visit my Baking Basics Page (click the name to go page).

How to Choose an Oven

Sunflame 66lt is my oven, but all ranges on the market have the same knobs, so you can easily read this post regardless of brand. Consider how much you plan to bake before you decide on a brand and capacity.

A smaller oven is best if you bake for a small family or only do it occasionally. If you often bake and have a large family, you can go for 30-40 lt ovens. 

A larger oven is a good choice if you’re looking to open your bakery. I get asked often whether to purchase an OTG Convection or an MW Convection. I would recommend that you go with OTG.

Convection ovens can be too small for bread baking. If you’re passionate about baking and want to succeed in this field, I recommend an OTG. For your cooking needs, you can always purchase a single MW (that’s what I did).

Learn the Inside of the Oven


The filament is what makes an MW convection oven and an OTG different. OTG Oven uses two filaments. One on top heats the dish and circulates hot air.

OTGs have a fan that circulates hot air inside. The combination of the fan and filament heats the oven evenly, reducing hot spots.


Three trays are included with every oven. One is for baking cookies, and the other is for placing your tins. The wire rack can be used to grill kebabs on one side.

The drip tray stays at the bottom of the oven and collects drips. A rotisserie rod can also be used to grill whole chickens. It is not something I enjoy, so I have included it in the post. However, your manual will assist you in finding the answer. 

The temperature knob is the first dial on the side panel. The temperature settings are displayed. It is usually degrees Celsius in India, but it may also be Fahrenheit in some places.

Mine is in degC. The minimum temperature is 100°C, and the maximum temperature is 250°C. The dial can be turned to adjust the temperature as needed or according to the recipe.

function selector

The best otg oven in India can be used for many functions, including baking, grilling, and rotisserie. It would be best if you chose the proper role for the dish you will make.

The square is the first. It switches on the oven’s light and heats it when you choose it. This can be used to prove your bread dough in colder climates.

The second switch on both the fan and filaments. This is the one I use to bake my cookies, cakes, and bread. This switch turns on the fan and only the top filament. You can use this setting to grill food. You can examine any dish by placing the tray on the top rack.

Next, the dial turns on only filaments. The fan is off. This setting can heat a toaster or recipes that don’t require the fan function.

You can use it for baking cookies and cakes. The Rotisserie setting is next. This switches on the top filament and the Rotisserie rod, which turns when attached. 

This is useful for grilling whole chickens marinated in spices. This last one turns on all heating elements within, i.e., the fan, filaments, and rotisserie rod.

This can be used for combination dishes. It is rarely used. The last dial is the timer knob. You have two options: set the timer or select to keep the oven on until you turn it off. You can set the oven’s timer for 60 minutes, but it’s better to leave it on if you plan to use your range all day.


Many people ask me about preheating. Why should we preheat an oven? Let me explain. The oven’s temperature is set to ambient temperature when turned on.

Each recipe will specify the right temperature for each dish. It takes time for the oven to reach the desired temperature. The oven’s interior temperature will not be what the recipe states when it turns on. The microwave oven takes some time to heat up to the right temperature. 

You may be asked to bake in a cold oven. To do this, you must set the temperature and turn it on. If the recipe does not specify, you need to adjust the temperature, turn on the oven, and permit it to heat up to the desired temperature.

Before placing the dish in the oven, I heat it for 15 to 20 minutes. Preheating takes 15-20 minutes to ensure your container is baked correctly.

It is usually preheating the oven to 180°C. Some readers have asked what the baking temperature would be. If the recipe does not mention another temperature, the baking temperature will be the same as the preheating temperature.


We have seen every function of an OTG Oven. Now we will show you how to set up an oven before it bakes. Please read the instructions carefully.

You will need to determine the rack where the tray should be placed. Also, verify the temperature, baking time, and other information regarding baking. The temperature must be set first. 

Next, set the function according to the recipe. This could be baking, roasting, or grilling. The timer can be set to remain on, or you can add the preheating and baking times and then set the timer.

Turn on the oven, and then wait for the preheating to finish. Open the range and place your dish in it. Close the oven immediately. Wait for the baking to finish.

Do not open the oven before that. After the timer is up, turn off your oven. Once the baking has ended, take the dish out of the range. Besides OTG Oven, the best convection microwave oven in India can also prove to


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