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How To Tell If A Streaming Service Is Legal And Safe?

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Are you looking for ways to know if a movie Streaming Service site is legal or not? Then this article might interest you. In this article, we have listed all the ways through which you can identify that a movie streaming site is illegal. Keep reading to learn more about these ways.

There are numerous sites online that offer free streaming of movies for you to enjoy. While it benefits you as you save money while watching movies and shows on these sites which otherwise would have cost you money.

You also get entertained for free but do you know most of these sites are illegal and use pirated videos on their sites? The hard work that goes into creating great shows and movies is all for the money and you will pay to see them and get entertained.

So when you watch this content on free streaming sites the movie owners don’t get proper remuneration for their hard work. Hence these sites become illegal. For example, Game of Thrones streaming rights are with HBO, hence it can decide which site to stream the series in.

Prime Video has the right to offer the series on their streaming service site hence HBO gets remuneration from Prime Video when they purchase the series streaming rights. But if you watch Game of Thrones Putlocker online then that will be illegal. Putlocker site has many other platforms that pirate content on its site without permission from their owners.

How To Tell If A Streaming Service Is Illegal? 

There are several movie streaming services in the market but some are legit while others are not. So how will you determine if a streaming service is legal or not when visiting its site? Here are ways on how you can tell if a streaming service is legal or illegal.

Hosts Other’s Original Content  

Legal movie streaming platforms will never host other sites’ original content on its site. Instead, legal streaming services will poach its own original content to its users or subscription holders. Like how Netflix promotes its original content on its main page with The Witcher trailer and links to its previous seasons. Again Disney+ promotes WandaVision and other Marvel movies to its audiences through its site.

So if you find any site with multiple original content from different streaming services then leave the site at once as it’s most probably an illegal site.

Downloadable Content  

Streaming services rarely give their users download or recording rights to their content. So if any site provides download and recording rights of its content it is an illegal streaming site.

Don’t confuse the offline viewing feature of some sites with downloadable content as you won’t be getting raw video files to share as you please while offline viewing a movie.

So if any site is providing you the option of downloading a movie or TV show you are probably on a pirated site. Pirating is illegal as using and sharing content without permission from the source is illegal as no remuneration is provided to the makers of the content.

Questionable Adverts  

All streaming service sites have advertisements on their platform from various companies that offer money to promote their products. But look out for advertisements that come with warning signs as the advertisements are not suitable for viewers.

These sites also have indecent advertisements so these sites are illegal as no reputed legal site will use illegal advertisements on its sites, especially inappropriate ones. Also, avoid sites that take you to different servers filled with advertisements as these sites are illegal.

Advises Using VPN  

When a site urges you to use a VPN while using its site it means the site is not available in that country or is banned in that country. Banning a site means the platform is illegal in that country hence they are encouraging you to download a VPN.

This clearly shows the site is illegal as a VPN hides your IP address and uses the suitable IP address to access any site’s content irrespective of the location.

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Literal Warning Signs  

If you open a streaming site and warning signs pop up on your screen, leave that site immediately. No legal site will warn you from being on their site. Leave any site that shows a disclaimer when you open the site as disclaimers are usually put in place to warn users that the site might have illegal content and advertisements.

Legal sites also put advertisements on their platform but all the advertisements are from legit sources and so are the content which they have proper license for. So a disclaimer needs to be put on any legal sites.

Lack Of Contact Information  

All legal sites have a “Contact Us” page or “About Us” page so if a site does not have this it’s an illegal site. Lack of information about a streaming service company means they are not a legit company.

Doesn’t Have An App  

Most illegal streaming service sites do not have any app version of their site on Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store. But not having an app is not the end-all of establishing if a site is legal or not. Several illegal sites are developing apps for their sites for more reach.

Conclusion  Hope this article was able to pinpoint some ways through which you can identify whether a creating service is legal or illegal. Let us know which sites you found were illegal after knowing about these ways.


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