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How to Take Care of Your Car Tyres in Winters?

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The winter season demands intensive care for several things. The car tyres are one of those things. The wet and icy roads become a challenge for the standard tyres to spin and make way quickly. Thus, winter-specific care and actions are necessary to ensure a smooth and safe drive.

Some specific tips and methods must be followed to handle your car tyres during the treacherous cold winters. This article deals with the methods that are involved in caring for car tyres during winters. Following these, you can ensure the durability of your car tyres walsall.

Keep a Check on the Tread Depth

Tread depth is a fundamental character of tyres that must be kept in regular check. The adequate handling of the car dominantly depends on the tyre tread depth. The larger the tyre tread depth, the more grip the car holds. 

In winters, the tyres Rugeley tread depth is damaged due to the wet and icy surface. You must look for any damages to the tread and fix it as soon as possible. If you notice rubber bars on the edge of the wheel, take your car to a garage and get it fixed.

Clean the Wheels

The winter weather brings snow, and the surface is usually wet. Wet and icy roads contribute to dirt and blockage of tyres. Consider cleaning your car tyres after every ride. This will keep your tyres clean and damage-free.

The metallic wheels need to be taken special care of. While you clean the tyres, check the wheels as well. It is also easier to locate damages with your tyres and wheels when they are clean. It also helps in maintaining the tyre traction and enables a good grip over the road.

Check and Maintain the Tyre Pressure

The tyre pressure is the amount of air filled inside the tyre. It is very important to keep a check on the tyre pressure because low tyre pressure can lead to severe consequences. If you feel that the tyre pressure is low, fill it up with the right amount of air.

The tyre pressure drops with every 10° F decrease in temperature. It loses about 1 pound of air pressure on an accelerated scale. Thus, it becomes more important to keep an eye on the tyre pressure during winters.

Look for Tyre Damages

Winters contribute to tyre damage more often. After every ride, it is important to check for any tyre damages that might have occurred. The wet and snowy roads lead to a decrease in tyre pressure and fill up tread gaps, contributing to a more significant tyre issue.

Every night when you check the tyre pressure and clean the tyres, you should also notice the wear and tears that might become dangerous in future rides. Make sure not to let settled snow block the tread gaps. This often leads to an imbalance of tread depth.

Tyre damages might occur seldom, but if you notice regular tyre damage, consider investing in a tyre premium quality set. A good quality tyre is essential for your vehicle’s health and the safety of the driver and passengers.

Buy Winter Tyres

Winter tyres are specially designed to make driving easier, safe and comfortable during winter. It is considered a great idea to invest in buying winter Cheap Tyres Cannock that will last all winters and makes you less exhausted.

Even with winter tyres, you must take care of the tyres the same way you care for a normal tyre every day. Winter tyres are safe to only use in winters, thus do not consider investing a hefty amount. 

Winter tyres offer a great grip over the road and work excellently on wet and snowy roads. The better mechanism of a winter tyre operates well with the car’s anti-brake technology and suspension system.


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