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How to Store Louvre Doors Before Installation

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Louvre doors serve as an accent piece, allowing air to flow effortlessly through the spaces. Homeowners who wish to add distinctive touches to their homes are increasingly using louvre doors as decorative additions.

These doors are terrific for bathrooms, bedrooms, pantries, and other places that could use aesthetic flair and more ventilation. Having a sound knowledge of storing and installing louvre doors will allow you to get the most out of these doors.

Here are a few pointers to get you started.

The Right Position

Position your louvre door horizontally rather than directly on the floor surface. It would help if you put the door over three lever bearers broader than the door itself, distributing the weight evenly. An evenly distributed weight prevents warping and protects the doors from accidental spills. If you do not have enough space to lay the doors flat, put them up in an upright position for a short time. But don’t leave the door leaning on the wall for too long as it can cause bending.

Clean Tools and Gloves

Hands can cause grease stains that are hard to remove. So, use clean tools and gloves for handling the doors to ensure that no dirt or stain permeates.

Well-Ventilated Environment

If you have procured your louvre doors well ahead of installation, place them in a cool and dry location. Do not store them in a dark garage, basement, or patio where they may be prone to heat, cold, or dampness. Move the doors into the fitting room only 24 hours before installation. Storing your louvre doors in a relaxed and well-ventilated environment will keep them away from dust and dirt. This practice will also protect the door from radiators and heaters and prevent splitting, warping, and sweating. Consider louvre doors with the highest building standards and designed styles for substantial advantage over warping and bowing.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Keep your new doors out of direct sunshine or other harsh light sources, which might cause discolouration or bleaching on one only side of the door. It is critical to leave the cellophane wrappers on the doors before installing them to retain the moisture content at the proper level. Too much exposure to moisture will cause swelling, and too little will dry the door out. To have maximum leverage, consider aluminium louvre doors.

Avoid Freshly Painted Rooms

Keep your louvre doors away from newly whitewashed or repainted rooms or other rooms where construction activity has freshly happened. These rooms house an elevated level of moisture which can cause doors to swell, causing problems with hinges, coatings, and even mobility. To avoid moisture build-up or drying out, use a sealer to coat any unpainted edges of your louvre doors.


Keeping your louvre doors safe before the final fitting is crucial for preventing casualties. It is also critical that you look after your doors before they are treated and installed. Packaging, storage, treatment, correct installation, and maintenance are essential factors in ensuring that your louvre doors last a long time.


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