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How to Stop Your Dog from Dashing Away?


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Dogs like to dash out sometimes, but surely it isn’t safe for them to do so. Here’s a solution for all worried owners curious about knowing how to stop your dog from running away. Firstly, it’s important to note that you also need to ensure their happiness and freedom as much as you want to keep your dog safe and secured.

To be an ideal dog owner, it’s necessary to keep some little things in mind. Dogs are playful and social by nature, just like you. Even dogs can go through loneliness, which inevitably tempts them to seek freedom.

Why Does My Dog Keep Running Away?

There are also some specific reasons why your dog keeps escaping. For example, if they catch a scent of some other dog in your neighborhood they would like to meet, they tend to break through your shelter. Also, sometimes the smell of food nearby might attract them, which leads to them running away.

Finding moving objects, cars, and kids playing around the society also encourages them to leap. In the worst-case scenario, dogs also tend to run away from their owner if there being treated cruelly or stay unhappy. You surely don’t want that to happen.

Why it’s Dangerous to Keep Letting Your Dog Escape?

When you let your dog roam freely, it is important to realize that you’re not in control of the situation. The surrounding environment is not under your control, and that animal is exposed to all kinds of stuff whenever it goes. Theft, car accidents, fights with another dog, and damaging someone else’s property are some usual consequences that you’re bound to face.

Your dog is your responsibility, and everything it does needs to be taken care of you as well, so it’s important to know that you’re in control of your pet at all times. Please keep your dog restrained for their good and yours too.

How to Keep Your Dog From Running Away?

If your dog is running away repeatedly, there are certain measures that you can take to ensure your pet’s safety. A few of them are listed below.

·         Dog’s training classes

Although restraining devices like wires fences do the job quite well, it’s not enough. Every dog needs proper training, and in places where you would not be able to use such devices, your dog would be in check.  You can take your dog to training schools, and it’ll help you to keep them in control wherever you visit.

·         Neutering your Puppy

For every animal, mating is an instinct that it cannot fight; your dog is nothing different. Therefore the best way to keep this under control is by neutering your dog.

·         Keeping them in check

Your dog needs you. As you own, it’s more than legit to keep in mind that you’re responsible for their well-being. Keep an eye over them, take proper care, and don’t let them feel neglected. The worst thing that can happen is when your dog escapes your shelter in seek of more attention.

·         Electric fencing

Even after proper training, daily care, neutering, and fixing all escape routes, your dog stays prone to escape. Wireless fencing in your lawn makes sure that your situation is never out of control. It mildly shocks the dog and provides a barrier to its escape. This is considered one of the finest and most effective ways of keeping your dog away from the wrong hands.

How Installing an Electric dog fence is Helpful?

Keeping the dog’s safety in mind, it is also important to know what your dog wants. Dogs are social in nature, so keeping them in captivity isn’t a noble thing to attempt. Make sure your dog is in free space and meets new things on its day out in the yard. There comes our solution. Electric dog fencing can ensure both safety and your dog’s mental health at the same. An electric fence, also known as an invisible dog fence, is a wired fence that is placed underground.

The system generates an electrically charged boundary that keeps your pet confined within your yard—all of this without the presence of an actual physical fence. The system digitally connects to an invisible fence collar that your dog will wear around its neck. A wired fence needs to be buried around the circumference of your yard, and that might just do the job.

Most of the dogs seek attention and crave to spend time with their owners. Of course, your presence is the first criteria to be fulfilled, but in cases where you aren’t available, dog watch electric fence collar aids to the situation.


•        Installing is a normal fence is always an easier option when you think of keeping your dog safe. However, your homeowner relationship may have some rules about fencing. Hence, you might need a resolution that retains your dog safe as well as conserves the attractive view in your yard. Electric dog fences are invisible and are connected through wires. The electric fence will give your dog a small shock, alike a static electric shock when he marks the border. It doesn’t hurt much; it’s simply a training aid to train your dog to stay within those boundaries.

•        Your dogs deserve freedom. It’s important to make sure your dog is enjoying the whole yard. Many times we confine our pets into small areas where they can’t stroll around with happiness. As a bonus, this small change can help you cut down on the risk of your pet damaging your indoors.

•        Save some money! The invisible fencing typically costs lower than physical fencing. Also, installing the electric dog fence is less labor-intensive. A wired fence needs to be buried around the boundary of your garden; that’s it.

•        If you brought your home some aesthetic views, it is understandable that you don’t want to compromise on that. Installing an electric fence just might be the solution to it. Now you can get your dog’s safety all sored out along with enjoying the unobstructed view of your residence.

Hope, this post was effective for you. Please feel free to share your insights regarding the post below in the comment section.

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