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How To Stay Healthy and Active During Remote Work?

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You keep on working from your bed and suddenly realize that you haven’t eaten anything all day. You get up from your bed only to find out that you have bad pain in your back by sitting all day long on the bed in a bad posture. Working from home and taking care of your health side by side can be quite challenging. In the office, where you have designated time to take breaks, have your lunch, or relax for a while, remote work doesn’t make you follow a sharp routine, and you might end up with fluctuating meal timings, bad postures, no exercise, and sleep deprivation. 

Moreover, you get distracted more and check your social media every five minutes. However, most people still like remote work because of the ease and cost-effectiveness. It has proven to be more beneficial for the companies which were operating in-office before. So, how can you manage your health and work simultaneously? This article will guide you about some tips that might help you in balancing your health and work. 

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Have A Morning Routine

Many people just roll out of their bed, log in for the day, and spend the rest of their day on the bed as they work without washing their face or doing any other refreshing thing. But you must have a morning routine and get ready before you work. This might include washing your face, brushing your teeth, and applying moisturizer for skincare. You will feel better and more ready by following such morning rituals. 

Keep Consistent Meal Timings

Food is one of the most important things for your brain to function well. You must set up consistent meal timings to eat properly. Moreover, you must have a good and healthy breakfast before the start of your day. It would be unhealthy if you just roam around in your kitchen, eat a handful of chips, start working and forget to eat for the next 4-5 hours. It would put a lot of strain on your body and mind.   

Get Up Frequently

Your muscles and back bear a lot of strain when you keep on sitting in one position for long hours. It might be easy for you to remain in your bed or stuck in your seat for hours and get up after 5-6 hours. However, you should set a timer to remind yourself to get up frequently and stretch your body. Doing this will release tension from your body and improve blood circulation. Moreover, you can do other chores side by side by getting up, like carrying a load of laundry and putting them in the machine. 

Use A Comfortable Chair

By comfortable, we don’t mean that your chair should be a relaxing one. It should have the right structure to keep you in a good posture. It should support your back and keep the spine straight the neck should be aligned with it. Lying down on the bed all day long can cause back pain, neck pain, and stress in your eyes. 

Exercise Regularly

Many entrepreneurs such as Mel Robbins suggest that doing exercise and getting connected with your body can increase dopamine, oxytocin and reduce the signs of depression and sadness. Exercising regularly is essential to keep your mind and body in a healthy condition. You must find a slot in the middle of the day to exercise or meditate. This thing would help in blood circulation, release positive chemicals in the body, tune it up, and improve your overall mood for the day. 

Hydrate Yourself

Drink lots of water when you are working from home. Often we forget to drink while working, which dehydrates us. Just like everyone keeps a bottle of water on their office desk, you should also keep a water bottle at home to drink water frequently. Avoid sugar-loaded drinks as they are unhealthy. 


Remote work is a great comfort for many, but it sometimes takes a toll on your health. However, planning and setting your schedules timely and not procrastinating such things can keep your health in good condition.


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