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How to Sign up for Cisco Certification Exam and how much is it?

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Cisco certification is a certification launched by Cisco, a manufacturer in the network field. To get Cisco certification, you must pass the certification test, which consists of two parts: written test and experiment. Cisco certificates are very valuable, and passing the exam gives online professionals the opportunity to prove their network knowledge and expertise.

Now SPOTO will share how to sign up for Cisco certification and the specific fees and other related matters for your reference.

Are there any requirements for taking the Cisco certification examination?

Cisco certification is suitable for on-the-job staff with a certain level of English and college students. Personnel who are required to obtain technical knowledge of key network equipment can sign up for Cisco certification examination. In short, as long as you are interested in the field of network, you can get Cisco certification! No other qualifications, work experience and other prerequisites!

What are the registration methods for Cisco certification examination?

At present, there are two main ways to sign up for Cisco certification examination

The first is to use Pearsen VUE’s online service and pass the website registration examination;

The second is to pass the test by SPOTO, a training organization authorized by Cisco. For more inforamtion, check here now.

What is the cost of Cisco certification examination?

The registration fee for the Cisco certification exam is based on the exam level. The cost of CCNA is USD 325, and the certificate is valid for three years; For CCNP, the cost of ROUTE, SWITCH and TSHOOT is USD 300, and the validity of CCNP certificate is three years; The registration fee for the CCIE written test is USD 450 and the validity period of the CCIE written test is 18 months. In these 18 months, candidates are required to take the CCIE Lab test, which is the CCIE experimental test. The registration fee for the examination is high. The registration fee for the Hong Kong examination room and the mobile examination room is USD 1600 and USD 1900 respectively.

Cisco certification has seven different directions. It is recommended to choose the direction of routing and switching. Among the many directions of CCIE, 80% of the candidates choose CCIE Routing and switching direction. CCIE Routing and switching direction is the basis of network, which is the first subject for many network engineers. In addition, candidates can directly skip CCNA and CCNP to test CCIE, which can save more cost and get higher gold content certificate at the same time.


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