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How to sign in with different discord account on Bot Page

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A Discord Bot account will allow you to use multiple discord accounts simultaneously. You can use one account to accomplish your work while the other enjoys games.

Discord Bot feature will offer the benefit of creating and using API and libraries simultaneously. But to be able to use this feature, you have to make a valid Discord bot account. To complete this task, sign in to your discord account using your valid email ID.

Signing in to your discord account using two alternate email IDs is possible. You can also use and manage two different discord accounts simultaneously.

The straightforward process

The process of creating your login on the bot page is easy. You have to get started by logging in to the official discord website. It would help if you used your valid log in ID credentials to create. Once you are on the main page of the discord website, then you will have to navigate to the application page.

The option can easily be located on the main page. Here you will have to click the “New Application” option. You should know this option if you see the discord sign-in online process.

Use valid name

To create a new application or API, you must select its name. You can only create a new application if you have named it. Once you choose the right word, select the “create” option.

Once you have decided to create a new API, you should also agree to the terms and conditions of the API.

The process of adding a bot

You will have to create a Bot user to use two different login IDs on the discord conveniently. To create one, you must search for the “Bot” tab. Once you have located the Bot page, you can add a Bot account.

You will have to select the “Add Bot” option. After adding a new Bot account, you must agree by selecting the “Yes” option. The choice appears as “Yes, do it!” on the bot navigation page.

Invite other users

When you want to sign into a different discord account on the bot page, you can invite other users to join you on the bot account page. After you perform the discord app sign-in task, you can invite other users.

You will have to ensure that your Bot page is enabled for others. You will have to allow the “Pubic Bot” option. You will have to grant access to Code grant “OAuth2”. You can also disable this option if you are unsure if you want your Bot page account to be public.


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