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It is done ! You have finally found the beer dispenser that suits you! To you the tasting of very fresh foams on your sofa or in the company of your loved ones!

Psst! Our advice: tame the beast by taking the time to read this article which gives you valuable tips and advice on how to use your beer pump properly. First of all, we will discuss the methods of commissioning the machine and then we will explain the art of “pulling” good foamy beer like a real pro!

And don’t forget that beer is a drink to be consumed in moderation!

To enjoy full benefit of home appliances like beer tap, coffee machine, rice cooker you need to maintain them well. Here I will discuss about how to maintain the beer machine as well.

How to serve perfect beer from beer tap
How to serve perfect beer from beer tap

How to start up a beer dispenser?

1. Beer pump installation tips

The installation of a domestic beer machine is very simple.

  • First, place your device on a flat, stable surface, making sure to leave enough space around the printer for proper ventilation.
  • It will then be enough to place a compatible keg there and then to connect it electrically until 3 p.m. before starting the service if the kegs are stored at room temperature.

2. How to put a keg in a beer machine?

We will distinguish here 2 methods among others depending on the models of beer dispensers and their type of keg. To limit the cooling time of the barrels, it is always advisable to place them upstream in a refrigerator.

Case No.1: Perfect draft keg system (capacity 6 liters)

Make sure to unplug your device first. Open the printer as specified in the instruction manual. Position the keg in its location then connect the connection system to the machine.

Close the compartment then plug in the printer. Finally, set the number of days to 30 (count of the maximum duration of consumption).

Some of these models of kegs can adapt the “Tapvat” kit which allows by connecting 2 elements to drill and equip the keg with a drafting device making it possible to dispense with a beer tap.

Case No. 2: Torpedo or Torp system (capacity 2 liters – 100% recycling and sometimes consigned)

Device electrically disconnected, start by fixing the tube which is in the cover of the torpedo and clip it in the neck. Unlock the lever to open the cylinder and place the Torp in it with the tube facing the spout.

Then close the cover. Turn on the device and wait for the light to be green to start tasting.

How to serve a beer at the right temperature?

How to effectively cool a beer keg? The key word here is to anticipate! No room at the last minute with friends who show up unexpectedly… You risk serving them a cold beer or no beer at all because some models of beer pumps are equipped with a feature that will prevent you from serving beer if it has not reached a certain temperature.

Warning ! A beer dispenser can take up to 15 hours or sometimes more before cooling a keg if it was stored at room temperature !

On some models an LED screen indicates the temperature of the liquid present in the drum. It is possible to serve as soon as the temperature has dropped to 6 – 7 ° C, knowing that the ideal temperature is 3 ° C.

Good to know

Here is a formula for calculating the time required for cooling a barrel according to its size:

3 to 4 degrees per hour and per liter.

Example: to bring a 2-liter barrel stored outside the fridge at 20 ° C to 2 ° C, it will take around 11:00 hours.

Hence the advantage of placing the barrels upstream in the refrigerator!

If several kegs are needed for the same service, the spare kegs should be placed in the fridge at least the day before in order to guarantee a very cold beer as soon as they are installed in the machine.

How to maintain a beer tap?

It is ideal to clean your beer dispenser after each use to avoid any development of bacteria, mold or other deposits in the machine.

The manufacturers also recommend not to leave a keg plugged in without interruption for more than 15 days.

Before any intervention, remember to disconnect your appliance electrically.

Clean the service spout (also known as the draw valve) and the hoses using a properly sized bottle brush. Be sure to use a mild product and rinse thoroughly with very hot water then let the various elements dry completely.

Of course, some drums are supplied with a new hose; you will save yourself this maintenance step.

Clean the outside of the machine using a damp microfiber cloth and possibly a few drops of vinegar or lemon.

However, use a dry cloth to clean the inside of the cooling chamber.

Above all, never immerse or shower your beer dispenser!

Trick :Here are some tips for giving you pressure in one go, without excess foam.

  • First of all, the beer must be very cold. A beer that is too hot will be synonymous with foam.
  • Preferably use a mug or glass container rather than a plastic cup. The ideal method is to rinse the glass with cold water before serving to avoid a thermal shock between the warm wall of the glass and the freshness of the drink.
  • Position your glass or mug at 45 ° then pull the handle sharply, making sure that the service spout does not come into contact with the glass.
  • Do not forget to gradually straighten the glass when you have filled it 2/3. This helps to form the ideal foam neck.

Another tip: if you notice excessive foaming, place your index finger on the foam of beer!

Let your finger soak for at least 5 seconds then enjoy!

Not very hygienic but efficient; Up to you.


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