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How To Sell On The AWS Market Place?

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In this post, we will focus on a very important topic: how to sell on the AWS marketplace.

But before that, let us begin with something about its basics.

What is AWS Market Place?

AWS Marketplace is an excellent platform for software vendors to offer their goods to AWS account users. From beginning with $3 billion in 2013 to reaching up to $35 billion in 2019; this market place has become a primary income generator for Amazon. Isn’t that huge?

To list your product in the AWS market place, you simply need to be a Select Partner. Buyers may purchase items directly through the market place after you have a category in place. You can always use it for selling the Software as a Service (SaaS) and Amazon Machine Images products.

Benefits of the AWS Market Place

There are around 260,000 active customers at this market place. Thus, it obviously makes it important for you to have your product here.

However, still, many sellers are skeptical about it. For your clarity, we have below mentioned some very important benefits of the AWS Market Place.

  • Credibility: Be it your product is being purchased directly through the EC2 console, getting your product listed in the Marketplace adds to its credibility and public exposure. The fact that your product is included implies that AWS evaluated it, which is very important if you are a startup.
  • Work with resellers: When your product is published, you may collaborate with consultancy partners to resell it.
  • Customer credits: Buyers that purchase items on the AWS marketplace may be eligible for credits against future purchases! When the customers buy your products, they get extra credits for the next purchase.

How To Sell?

The following are the steps you need to follow to sell your SaaS products on the AWS marketplace.

Step 1: Open an account on the market place

  • Basic requirement: Bear in mind that to offer a product in the AWS marketplace, you must have a US/EU entity as well as a bank account.
  • You would continue working on your product listing once you have added detailed information about the product and the bank account.

Step 2: Create your product listing

AWS Marketplace offers two ways to buy SaaS products. It is important to pick the appropriate listing since you will not modify it in the future. If you wish to alter it, you must repeat the process and submit a new listing application.

The two options are:

  • SaaS Subscriptions
  • SaaS Contracts

Step 3: Fill the listing application and also set self-serve prices

  1. Documentation: You must give information about your solution and essential paperwork such as terms of service, etc.
  2. Usage Tracking: You would be in charge of tracking your clients’ consumption and transferring their contracts from one level to another.

Step 4: Submit the application

After submitting your application, you will get an email containing your listing page. You can resume working on the technical integration as soon as you receive this email.

The very first step is to list your goods on the AWS marketplace to begin selling here. You should not, however, end it here. You may be enterprise-ready by using other programs and benefit from a shortened sales cycle.


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