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How to Sell On Redbubble (& Actually Make Money) in 2021

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Are you looking for a way to sell things on Redbubble and make money in 2021? Here is the guide that will help you do that and boost your profit as well. Redbubble is a platform that provides you the opportunity to sell your items. It is a print-on-demand agency that helps many designers to make income.

You can share your work and sell it around the world using this platform. Redbubble helps you to connect with potential buyers and make some easy bucks. However, beginners can struggle a bit to make a post and earn money from it.

If you are a good designer, you need to join Redbubble today to sell art and make some money. First, however, you need to know how to sell and make money on this platform. So, here is a guide that will help you to understand the details.

Selling Process on Redbubble

Now that you know what Redbubble is and why it is used worldwide, you need to understand how it works. Selling and promoting your items on Redbubble is an easy process once you know it.

Step 1:

The first step of selling products is uploading them into the platform. First, you have to open the website and make an account to access it. Then, click on ‘Add New Work,’ and a new page will open. You will get two options on this page, such as ‘Upload to all products’ and ‘Copy settings from existing work.’

If you have no existing work, then choose another option. Just drag your file and drop it on the box or click on the option. It will take you to the next page, which is the product editing page. Here, you can give a title, description, and tags of the product in different languages. Also, you can change the background color of the file from this page.

Step 2:

Title: When creating the title, you have to include some most-searched phrases or words that describe the product easily. It will help the users to find your listed product faster with the search option. However, you do not need to add the product type in the title like ‘t-shirt’ or others. Redbubble will take care of it once you post it on the selling page.

Tags: Tags are similar to keywords that help customers find your product quickly. Searching with a specific tag like ‘Halloween’ will make your product pop up if you added it as a tag. You can choose any related or relevant terms and make them tags like designs, events, special occasions, and others. 

Description: This is an important part that requires extra attention. You will need to explain your product briefly in this section. Along with relevant words and phrases, you have to describe the details of the product to make the customers interested. Keep this part catchy yet straightforward to get the attention of the customers.

Step 3:

After that, scroll down the page to find other options such as media, collections, view, privacy, maturity of the content, etc. Under the ‘Media’ section, you will find many options. You have to choose one of them based on your product. These options include Design & Illustration, Digital Art, Painting, and others.

If you have any collections on the website, then you can link similar ones with this item. It will help you to add these designs to the existing products as well. But if you do not have any collection, then skip this part. You can then choose how your product will show in the shop by changing the default view.

Next, comes the privacy settings where you can control who can see your products. If you want to make the product available to everyone, select ‘Anybody.’ Although mature content is allowed in Redbubble, it is not for everyone. So, you will have to choose if your content is mature or not.

Step 4:

Just affirm your rights to ensure that the products are created by yourself and nobody else, and you are done. When the editing is complete, and your product looks finished, you can click on the ‘Enabled’ button to make the product available. You can also click on the ‘+Disabled’ button to remove it from the list.

However, make sure to double-check all the details before listing the item online. You can customize many things on this platform to increase the profit like thumbnail, artist banner, and others.


As the target audience has changed a lot in 2021, and the use of online websites has increased, which gives you an excellent opportunity to sell your products. Make sure that your artist profile stands out, choose the suitable product for your artwork, and know your target audience to increase the profit and make a real profit in Redbubble. 


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